I am so grateful to have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections to look back on. We don’t realize how quickly we can forget the small, everyday things after we lose a loved one. It’s one of the many reasons why I encourage people to journal after they lose a cat and write down as many memories as they can. Capturing memories while they’re fresh in our minds is a precious gift to ourselves.

Today’s memory goes all the way back to 2011. Ruby had been with us for two months, and she was a happy little girl. The photo at the top of this post always makes me smile. She was so tiny, she practically disappeared in the hammock!

Today’s memory features Ruby’s wake up routine and the great shrimp caper.

Click here to read Ruby’s Reflections: Wake Up Tactics and the Stolen Shrimp.

11 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Stole a Shrimp

  1. My remembrance of Ruby lives on and she would be the perfect one between Allegra and her to steal the shrimp. I bet Ruby was thinking this is really yummy. Ruby will always live on in all of our minds and hearts, she was definitely the cat’s meow.

  2. I can tell that Ruby was a precious treasure! Wonderful idea in keeping a journal to remember our beloved pets and their little antics, personalities and memories.
    Also consider making videos. I have several of my little sweetie on my phone and am grateful. Wish I had made more, now that she’s gone.

  3. What a beautiful little girl. We ALL miss her so much. So glad you have these videos and stories to share.

  4. Such a great story. She wasn’t a very good cat burglar that day but she tried. I’m glad she got a bite in the end because she was a good girl for realizing her growling was wrong.

  5. That was a fun memory to read. Ruby sure was a stinker that day stealing the shrimp. I like your advice of writing down the memories. Another thing I wish I had done is take more videos of my cats voices. I have found myself forgetting what they sounded like and I really miss it.

    • I’m very sorry for the losses you’ve had. I too deeply regret not taking more videos or photos of myself with them. I hope everyone reads your comment and takes note.

      • Thank you! I have taken more videos lately, but it’s hard to capture their voices. One of my cats, Pono, used to have so many different tones depending on what he wanted. He actually had one that sounded like mama. I miss him and Nani and all of their cute voices. I can’t remember how Nani sounded at all any more.

  6. I strongly agree that it’s a great idea to jot down your memories of your beloved darling who had passed. My Sammy, whom I met when he was 4 hours old, stayed with my husband and myself for almost 19 years. And for almost 19 years I was up all night with him – he didn’t like to be alone and idle during the night….so I stayed up with him! I forgot what it was like to sleep at night. My boy and I had many adventures together…quiet ones, because my hubby had to get to work in the morning….I worked from home. He was a very talented musician, playing tunes on the synth we had in the living room. And he was the most social ice breaker, welcoming everyone who came to our door!

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