Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Remember how I told you about how I helped Mom paint our coffee table a couple of weeks ago? Well, guess what! I got to help with another project!

This time, Mom painted the end tables that go with the coffee table. But instead of painting them in the living room, where I could be really helpful, she dragged each table into her office, and sometimes, she closed the door on me. She mumbled something about “we don’t want to get any paint on you, Allegra, do we?”, but how was I supposed to do my job if she locked me out of the office?


I did manage to help her a lot with getting everything set up.


And I made sure that I inspected the finished product thoroughly before I let her put it back in the living room.


I think Mom did a good job, but she could have done it in so much less time if she had let me help more!

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10 Comments on Allegra’s World: Coffee Table Makeover, Part Two

  1. Hmmm. Maybe you should let your Union Rep know about this work blockage, Allegra. Some additional “compensation” may be required!

  2. Good Job Allegra! Mom just didn’t want you to end up looking like Pepe Le Pew! You’ll be able to enjoy the bright, clean looking room! You’ll have to admit, mom did a very good job!

  3. Good job, Mom! Painting is fun and addictive! I painted our whole house by myself before we sold it and moved to Florida. I think I’ll leave anymore of that stuff to someone else now. Whew!!

    Allegra, you are such a good helper girl!

  4. Allegra, I can’t believe the table got such a good paint job in spite of your lack of involvement. Stranger things have happened. Don’t let mom get away with something like this again.

  5. Your human did a great job, Allegra! But you are right, she could have done it better and faster if you had been able to help more.

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