Last Sunday I got my second Covid jab, and relief doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt. It truly feels like the end of this year-long nightmare is finally getting closer, and I can’t wait to resume some activities I haven’t felt comfortable with for over a year.

I’ve got one more week to go until I’m considered fully vaccinated, and I’m already looking forward to my first hugs in over a year, to eating out again, and to having vaccinated friends over for a meal or movie night. I know Allegra is looking forward to having visitors again, too.

I really hope that I will never take all of these things for granted again. We’re still not back to where we were a year ago, and maybe we will never get back to that normal. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe this is our opportunity to create a new normal that serves us better. Even if we haven’t lost any loved ones to this awful disease, we’ve all lost something. We’ve all had to make some pretty profound changes to our daily routines.

Perhaps this is a good time to evaluate what to keep and what to leave behind as we move toward a hopefully less scary future, and, dare I hope, a more joyful life.

Is there something you changed about your life during the pandemic that you want to take with you into a post-pandemic world?

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10 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Relief

  1. How true your words are my feline friend, happiness does bring relief from stressful situations, such as COVID, but happiness can also be the start of a lesson in life we’ll learned. How can one ever know how stressful a situation can be, if it’s not experienced by someone who has not been stressed. It’s sort of like going to visit a friend whose family member just died. To tell them we feel their pain, since we went thru the same circumstances sounds really out of context. Each and every person experiences pain and happiness and so forth in their own way. Yes, we can comfort them, by just being there with them in their time if need and saying you have my sympathy, but please don’t say I empathize with you. Empathy is learned and it’s reaching into the heart of someone else, but take away their grief, you had yours. Now, allow them to have theirs.

  2. We’re on the road, but will not get out of the woods until everyone gets vaccinated. Watch the news. The covid nightmare in India means variants will keep coming at us. So far our vaccines are standing up to variants, but the more there are, the less sure of that we can be. Support the voices saying we must share any we don’t need with other countries. We live on a small planet now…..
    And Janine, the best way to escape from an irrational fear is to get familiar with the thing you’re afraid of, get desensitized. Ask your MD for a syringe with a needle on it like the one you’re going to encounter with this injection and others in the future. Look at it, really look at it and see how small it is. Handle it. Become familiar with it. There’s really nothing to be so anxious about. Believe it.

  3. My human has been fully vaccinated for a few weeks now, and she is SO happy about it! She goes out shopping more often, doesn’t feel like she is risking her life when she goes to the grocery store, and actually got to hug a friend recently. And she is going to do something fun tonight! Yeah, she did take these things for granted before.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know I appreciate small things I always took for granted. Getting out in nature even if only in my backyard. Visiting with close friends after a year apart. Learning from Squirt what is really important in life. All this means so much more now. I never want to lose that gratitude!

  5. Thank you for doing your part to stop the spread of this deadly virus. If enough people are vaccinated, those who are susceptible and cannot get vaccinated are protected because the virus will not be able to easily discern those susceptible individuals. We are most certainly on the road to recovery!

  6. I can’t wait to get back to doing things again too. This morning I schedule vaccines for my husband and myself next Saturday. We are doing the one dose vaccine because I have bad anxiety with needles. I just want to be done with it all at once.

    • I’m so glad you’ll be able to get vaccinated this week, Janine. I have a friend with a very bad needle phobia who was extremely worried about getting her vaccine, but she was so happy about finally being able to get vaccinated, it totally overruled her fear and she did great!

      • I started getting anxiety just making the appointment online. I have been waiting for my husband to have a day off where we can do it together. I have been known to pass out from my anxiety getting so bad. If he is there, I will at least feel a bit more confidant and he will drive me. I am doing it for him as his birthday will fall 2 weeks after we get the vaccine and I want to take him out to eat some place. But we will continue to follow the same guidelines we have been. Not wearing a mask makes people nervous and I don’t want to do that to anyone.

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