I am so grateful to have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections to look back on, even though of course, eight years isn’t nearly enough. We don’t realize how quickly we can forget the small, everyday things after we lose a loved one. It’s one of the many reasons why I encourage people to journal after they lose a cat and write down as many memories as they can. Capturing memories while they’re fresh in our minds is a precious gift to ourselves.

Today’s memory goes back to July of 2011. Ruby had been with us for three months, and she was about to experience her first 4th of July. Ruby was a brave kitten in general, and there wasn’t much that she was afraid of, but I was still worried that the fireworks might scare her.

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5 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Experienced Fireworks for the First Time

  1. I, too, love to hear about the remembrances of Ruby. Ruby was quite to Tortie! I hope fireworks are far from her ears wherever she’s at, and she’s just thinking about having ‘tuna cake’, and Allegra is arguing with her that tuna cake isn’t appropriate for this celebration. What a team they made. Happy 4th to you my friend, Ingrid, and everyone else. Bang, Bang, Boom!

  2. My boys suffer through the same effects be it fireworks or vacuums. Love walking with you on remembering Ruby.

    Fireworks are nice but…. people forget about animals. Just want to say to you & Allegra, Happy July 4th!

  3. I really hate neighborhood fireworks! Our local communities chat on a blog and of all the many comments, no one supports fireworks. If you want to see them, go to a county/city organized place to watch them. Take the money you would “blow up” on fireworks and donate it to a charity. It’s not only our precious pets that suffer, but little children, the elderly, and veterans with PTSD. Thank you.

  4. I enjoyed reading that memory. I can just picture Ruby twirling on the bed trying to catch her tail. Lulu doesn’t like storms or fireworks and I think she remembers the time we had that big rain bomb and lost power and had to go to a hotel room. she didn’t like the car ride or being in a strange place. She actually ran and hid and we found her stuck up under this bottom part of the sink and a hard time getting her out. Apparently hotels aren’t cat friendly. She was so scared, we brought all the girls back home and Lu pooped in the carrier. So, I guess she associates those loud booms with the night she had to go some place else.

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