A regular meditation practice is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I can’t imagine not starting my day with a brief meditation anymore than I can imagine not starting it with a cup of coffee.

I love my morning routine: get up, feed Allegra, sit down with my first cup of coffee with Allegra in my lap, and, once I’ve finished my coffee, meditate. Some mornings, Allegra will stay for the whole routine, other mornings, she’s too busy doing other cat things.

I’ve previously  mentioned the Women’s Meditation Network. and I can’t recommend this resource highly enough.Guided meditations can be hit or miss. I find that if I don’t like the presenter’s voice or the background music, I won’t be able to relax into the meditation. I absolutely love Katie Krimitsos’s soothing voice. After listening to her meditations for the past few months, her voice can almost instantly transport me to a calmer state of mind.

Do you meditate? What helps you keep up with your practice?

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3 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Meditation

  1. Meditation is similar to praying; both have to be worked on each and every day until both become a daily routine in your life. When you learn to actually clear your mind of all the clutter in both the outside an inside world, then you’ll get a grasp on your mind. If you allow your mind to run all over the place, you’ll lose control of concentrating on the important, wonderful, beautiful and helpful things in life. Have patience, practice each day and meditation will become a part of your life, just as praying has become important morning and evening routines.

  2. My meditation is putting on a good CD that I can just lay down and relax to. There is an Indian Guru who goes by Sadhguru and will listen to some of his interesting sessions. Some oh his books get into charkas and interesting yoga.

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