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I’m a perpetual planner. I just am. It’s about this time of year, late July, that I start thinking, “OMG. It’s almost Christmas!” My partner just smiles at me now vs. trying to argue on behalf of the six months we’ve still yet to experience, because this is an annual exclamation I make. Eventually, Christmas comes and then it’s over, and just like that, I’m left with the post holiday blues. Then every year, I tell myself that I’m going to keep the Christmas spirit with me all through the year.

But here I am, in late July, remembering this little-kept promise to myself. Can you imagine what it would be like if we cultivated a celebratory spirit beyond the big holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and the 4th of July? Might life be more fun, primed with gratitude and connection? I think we should try it! Who’s with me?

Cultivating a celebratory spirit

Celebrating “small” wins throughout the day/week/month can help us stay motivated and give us the love pats we need to keep on going. Life hasn’t been easy, especially as we continue facing a global pandemic. We need all the love and encouragement we can get, and give. Here are some things I lean into:

Truly making Friday FriYAY!

A lot of us wake up on Fridays with a bit more excitement because it’s, well, Friday, which tends to mark the end of the work week and start of the weekend. Some of the things I’ve tried to mark this day is to order-in comfort food. Another thing I’ve tried is to commit to a firm end-time for work and then jumping into my infrared sauna blanket to destress. What can you build into your Friday as a celebratory ritual?


Get your cats involved

I’m not a fan or proponent of dressing up cats, but I’m fine with bow ties and/or bandanas affixed to collars. Bear has built up quite a collection. I’ve been changing out his bow ties, bandanas and sometimes collars to match the current celebration. Recently, he donned his rainbow Pride bandana, while just the other week, I switched it out for a summery glittery yellow bandana with bees. His birthday is coming up in August and I’ll probably switch to his silver glitter collar with a black & white polka dot bow tie. You can also opt to get celebratory toys for your cat that you switch out often: the catnip bee and tropical fruits out for summer, the silvervine pumpkin and spider toys out for the fall.

Calendarize your wins

When good things happen, I write them on my calendar in a pink pen. I try to note even seemingly little wins. When I glance at my month and see all the pink, it makes me feel good. It can be something as simple as, “Took Bear to the vet without freaking out!” If you only keep a digital calendar, you can create a special calendar called “Wins” or “Celebratory Spirit.” 


The High Five Habit

Mel Robbins, best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule, came up with this very personal, daily ritual. Every morning and every time you see your reflection in a mirror, give yourself a high five. That’s it. When I first tried this, I kept forgetting. So I put up a post-it to remind myself. We’re conditioned to be so critical of ourselves in our self-talk, and often when we look in the mirror. So this small but mighty daily ritual helps cultivate appreciation for yourself. Eventually, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see an ally, a friend, and a ton of love.

The little steps

Remember that the big leaps and wins can’t happen without the little steps in between, so let’s celebrate them. And soon, you’ll be on the top of that mountain saying, “I did it!” and then it’ll be Christmas again.

With Love and Above,


Siena Lee-Tajiri is the founder of the Love and Above Cat Club. Please visit, sign up for their mailing list, and browse their shop.

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This means that if you decide to purchase through any of our links, we get a small commission. We only spread the word about products and services we’ve either used or would use ourselves.

Photos of Bear ©Siena Lee-Tajiri, used with permission

6 Comments on Sunday Cat Love and Above: Small Celebrations Create Big Wins

  1. I look forward to Siena’s column every month!!!
    This one is especially wonderful
    Celebratory Spirit
    Celebratory Cat Toys
    Celebrate the small things in life
    Our cats will show us the way
    Thank you Siena

  2. At work I live for Fridays. The good thing about the Pandemic is that we are able to spend more time with our pets. When I hear Tasha upstairs play with her bouncy ball, I smile! When I lay in bed and she comes to curl up beside me, I think I am blessed.

    • Theresa, this just made my heart smile! So many gratitude moments spent with our pets during this pandemic. Bear has a toy that he got as a kitten that he still plays with to this day! I love when I hear him playing with it. Thanks for sharing!

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