Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I’m 12 years old today!

Technically, I’m a senior kitty now, but I sure don’t feel like one. I may nap a little bit deeper and a little bit longer, but I can still run and jump and play like a kitten.

Mom says when she looks at me she still sees the seven-month-old kitten she brought home more than 11 years ago. The photo below shows me a few days after I came home.


I know Mom is going to make today special for me, but every day with mom is special. We’ll have some tuna cake in Ruby’s memory, and I’m sure that Ruby will be part of the celebration in spirit. I hope there’s tuna cake where she is, because I’m not sharing mine!

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44 Comments on Allegra’s World: It’s My 12th Birthday

  1. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! The birthday princess had a wonderful day, and all your wishes made it even more special. And of course, there was tuna cake!

  2. Happy 12th Birthday, Allegra! Bella and Lucky are sure Ruby is with you in spirit as Ruford is now with us in spirit as well… We wish all the best for you – and many more birthdays to come!

  3. Allegra, you must tell every feline your secret for staying young; my dear you don’t look a day over 5 years at least. It might be all that Tuna Cake, your sister, Ruby, was always preparing for every celebration. Have many, many more birthdays, Allegra.

  4. Happy12th Birthday beautiful Allegra with love from Nancy, Maggie, Gema, Almond Joy, Darla, Charley and Renford. And wishing you many many more!

  5. Happy,Happy Birthday, Allegra…
    You are looking awesome for 12 years young!!!!
    you are looking great. take care of Mom!!
    I know Ruby , is there with you in Spirit …

  6. Awwww Ruby will DEFINITELY be a part of the celebration for sure!! Happy Happy 12th birthday beautiful Allegra!!! You still look like a kitten to me! xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday, Allegra!

    Rocky and Zen send purrs and head bonks to you …. and we all hope your birthday is PURRFECT in every way!


  8. Happy Happy 12th Birthday Allegra!! I hope it’s a great day and healthy, happy year for you, and your Mom..You are so cute, I wish I could hug you..All of my 14 cats and 2 doggies, send Birthday wishes too!

  9. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Allegra, and enjoy your Tuna Cake …. Ruby is in Kitty Heaven wishing You and Mom much love and happiness ……

  10. Happy Birthday Allegra. You really have gotten older: look at all the white whiskers you have. Many more than you had when you were a baby. But don’t worry, they make you look distinguished!

  11. Happy birthday lovely girl! We look forward to wishing you a happy day for MANY more birthdays to come 🙂

    Lisa, Ursula, Meimei, Sumi, Buddy & Oliver

  12. Happy Birthday Allegra, sweet princess! Enjoy all your new toys you will get today and enjoy your Tuna Cake!
    Purrs and Hugs
    Terri & Tasha

  13. Happy Birthday, Allegra. I’m sure Ruby will have her own Tuna cake beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Enjoy the day!

    • Allegra,

      Happy Birthday! Enjoy the tuna cake. Maybe, give Mom a bite? Ruby will be there too.

      Grayson, Milo, Hamish, Nan

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