These are challenging times for all of us, but even more so for those among us who are strong empaths. If you’re not familiar with the term, these are some of the signs that you are one:

  • You have a deep sensitivity toward others.
  • You feel a deep connection to animals and nature.
  • Negative people and negative energy drain you.
  • You are highly intuitive.
  • You find being around large groups of people exhausting.
  • You’re drawn to holistic methods of healing.
  • You’re drawn to the helping professions.
  • You need alone time to recharge.

I consider all of these traits positive traits, but as an empath, I’m also very much aware that unless I make sure I take care of myself, I leave myself vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed.

I don’t ever want to lose my ability to be empathetic, but at the same time, I also need to do a better job of protecting my own energy – something that I let slide a lot this past week, with even  more bad news out there than normal (or at least it seemed that way to me.) So today, I plan to spend my day staying away from the news, spending time in nature, meditating, and napping with Allegra to recharge my batteries.

Are you an empath? How do you cope when you start to feel overwhelmed? Share your tips in a comment.

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18 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Empathy

  1. I’m an empath. Especially towards animals and all of nature. I can feel their pain and sometimes I cry for them. I hate to see an animal ran over by a car. I feel so sorry for them that don’t know the danger or a vehicle.

  2. I don’t get overwhelmed easily. My work full time is with animals. I am a caregiver and healer of many. I adore holistic work and I live deep woods and rural. Animals are attracted to me, they sense the spirit that is within, me. I don’t watch the news. I spread good acts of kindness, it brings me joy, as I attempt to create peace in a warring world. Blessings of kindness.

  3. I’m definitely an empath, but more so to animals, and select people..It can get to you.. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I shut down all the outside influences and often go to my sanctuary, aka my bed..I’m usually accompanied by 1, or 2 fur babies, which is so soothing, and a Chihuahua, that warms me up if I’m chilly..People who don’t own at least one animal, especially a feline, are so missing out..My animals never disappoint, and never cease to make my heart smile..

  4. I am empathic. I avoid crowds, try to control clutter, limit stressful things to only one a day when possible, try to be satisfied with good enough and to accept that letting go of some things is not failure. If I am tired, or take on too much, I become overwhelmed easily. Focussing on the calm demeanour of the pets helps. If I do get stressed, I grab a herbal tea if I can, take a step back, and try to get some perspective especially in relation to the things I can’t change or control.

  5. Yes, I check all the boxes. I wish I had a great formula to share, however at this point I am living a very basic life. I am torn with needing to be informed on the ever changing mandates, and re-traumatizing myself with the humanity I share this planet with. I am feeding myself healthy foods, probably more than I need. I push myself outside to take walks or watch nature. My sleep has been poor, so I am listening to soundscapes or guided meditations on Insight Timer which is much more helpful than my thoughts :).
    Peaceful thoughts to all on this day.

    • It’s such a struggle to strike the right balance between staying informed and information overload. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to try to cope.

  6. I’m also an empath and the last couple of weeks have wrung me out on every level, feeling the world’s ache to my core. I have a hard time stopping myself from doing all the things that need to get done as well even when I’m running in fumes. I really wanted to go for a walk in nature yesterday but with the terrible flooding we had most every trail nearby was still wrecked and muddy. So I spent time with the cats out in the yard in the beautiful weather. Then I listened to lots of ambient music, did some yoga, drank hot tea, kept the lights dim, curled up with a great book under a blanket. Talked to no one. If I could afford to take time off work I would but it isn’t feasible. Hope you find some way to recharge and claim peace for you.

    • “Feeling the world’s ache to my core” – that’s a great way of putting it, Laura. I’m planning to take the rest of today to just have a “me” day and spend a lot of time outside. That always seems to help a lot.

  7. Empathy is something you need in abundance to be a lover of pets and the environment. Today so many are caught up in the ME that they have no time for anything else. They jump on anything or group in they feel inclusion to the exclusion of all else. Such a sad turn for society

  8. I can relate with the quote, “I’m so tired, even my tiredness is tired”. Yesterday I spent the whole day in my jammies, sleeping and napping. So nice to have Tasha with me beside my side.

  9. I have been trying to stay away from the news lately too. It’s all depressing and I find it pulling me down. I have suggested the same thing to my neighbor and she said it is starting to help her too.

    • Yes I feel the same way! News is soo depressing & makes me so angry & hurt for all the people who are hurting.. I love to cuddle up with my Siamese Dora & read & have no news on. It can be hard though because my Mom has CNN in ALL the time. It’s so draining….

    • It’s always surprising to me how many people aren’t aware just how much the news drains their energy. Once you point it out to them, it’s like an “aha” moment for them.

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