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So much can happen in 7 days. After our offer was declined on the first house we saw, our offer on the second house we saw was accepted! Last month I shared how Spirit has a greater vantage point than we do, so when things don’t seem to work out as we hoped, there must be something greater in store for us.

“All this or greater yet still”

“All this” (what we currently hope and dream) or “greater yet still” (the better dream that Spirit has for us). If you missed last month’s post, Dreaming a Greater Dream, you can find it here.

The Greater Dream

With all of your kindness and loving energy, I did receive the “greater yet still.”

  • Instead of a craftsman art deco, I received a ranch farm house.
  • Instead of completely remodeled, I received partially remodeled which gives me the opportunity to make some of my own choices.
  • Instead of Pauline Starke (a glamorous silent film star in the 20’s), I received June Cleaver (everyone’s mom from Leave it to Beaver!)
  • Instead of being right in the busyness of the city, I received being quiet and tucked away on a hill.
  • Instead of a 20 minute drive to the forest, I received an 8 minute walk to one.

This truly is the greater dream for me. I come from a family of renters, which means we moved a lot. This was normal for me and later as an adult, I continued to rent and move, rent and move. In fact, the move to this home will be the 22nd move in my life. (!) Let me clarify that I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with renting and for many, this really is the best and healthiest option. But for me, after moving so much in my life, owning meant I would never have to move again unless I wanted to. And as an animal lover, the ultimate bonus is no more sneaking in cats or rounding down the actual number. I also get to build that catio, and I finally get to adopt as many as I can responsibly care for.



I was raised by my grandparents in a busy, bustling family with extended family around all the time. Despite coming from such a large family, I never really felt like I belonged. So although I never prioritized owning a home, I dreamed of the feeling I always thought a home would bring: a sense of belonging. No more floating around, I can finally root. I can create and nurture a space that I can share with others and always have space for loved ones if they’re ever lost or without a place to stay. This, too, has always been part of the dream: a safe space for all (animals included!) that says, “You Belong.”


Bear’s Greater Dream

Let me mention the better benefits for Bear too. Because this home is raised up from the street, when I take Bear outside on his harness, he won’t be as startled by neighbors walking their pets on the street level. I’ve also consistently seen an abundance of sweet squirrels that have made their home in a few of the trees in the yard. So Bear will have his built-in Cat TV from any one of the main floor windows. And of course, there is an abundance of options for a catio.

I appreciate your messages on the last blog. I do believe that all your well-wishes helped move my dream up. I’ve been telling Bear, “Guess what? I bought you a house!” It brings me tremendous joy telling him that, knowing he’ll be meeting squirrels, getting safe daily walks outside, and enjoying sunshine and fresh air in his catio.

And now that I’ve got the house, for me, all I need is Bear because really, home is where my cat is.

Happy Fall Sweet Friends!

With Love and Above,


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18 Comments on Sunday Cat Love and Above: Home Is Where My Cat Is

  1. So very happy to hear the news. Things are unfolding as they should. You knew that all along. Congratulations to you. Can’t wait to see updates. Great news for Bear❣

  2. This is Wonderful news!!! Your cats will love having a Catico to enjoy nature, Back in 2014
    I was living on some cousins property in a small cottage taking care of the elderly cousin,
    (in addition to my regular job) when she passed the family sold the property (it was several acres) and i had to move, I looked at a couple of homes, and when I walked into this one that had a very large screened in porch (the previous owner had a pool, but they filled it in, but left the screen enclosure) I immediately stopped looking and put an offer on it, and while some of the other ones had more features, I knew that my cats would love the outdoors patio (my previous cottage had no patio) and now years later I have built ramps, condos, and a multiple cardboard box fortress, installed a cat door so they can enjoy it while I’m at work,
    I put multiple bird feeders and a bird bath and they really enjoy the birds, squirrels, lizards, and occasional duck that drops by, it has become my place of Peace, Love & Happiness, sitting on the Catico watching my cats (eight rescues from the outdoors now) enjoy themselves, knowing that they are safe, happy, and Loved.
    My cats even have a twitter site @SkittlesFriends where I post pictures and videos of their adventures.
    I wish you and your Fur-Family lots of Happiness and fun filled adventures in your new home.

    • Hi Harold! I love your story. Thanks so much for sharing it with me! By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed your photos on your Twitter account. Love your cat family and their great names! Thank you for all that you’re doing and for all the well-wishes too!

  3. Congratulations Siena and Bear!! What fun you’re going to have making it your own, not to mention building a catio for Bear. That first house obviously wasn’t the right one for you and look how well it worked out! This house was just waiting for you.

    All good wishes to you and enjoy your new home! Nancy

  4. Indeed, a safe space for all. I so identify with that! We were lucky to get the house we bought back in 2006 and will remain here indefinitely. I have welcomed many sad little strays, well most were actually dumped out here on our small ranch, and it warms my heart to offer them that safe, warm place forever.

  5. This post comes on the heels of my OWN loss of a new home!
    I had placed a bid, had an inspection, and was turned down because I want the house brought ” up to code” by the seller … it was a sneaky,suspicious deal, but it was a cute little house!
    I trusted the wrong person, and so “lost” the house. This all happened at the end of last week…so this article was perfect timing for me!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Hi Callie! Thanks for reading. I’m so glad it came at the perfect time for you. Oh, yes…the first house I saw made me swoon!! But this one truly is better, in all ways! Sending you lots of love as you find your new home!

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