Recently a friend posted beautiful photos on his Facebook page from a weekend spent in nature with good friends. He captioned the photos with “I’m simply choosing wisely where I invest my energy.” That remark stuck with me for the past couple of weeks.

Then I came across the above quote, and the two put together made me realize that lately I’ve been spending way too much time giving my energy to things that bring me down, and as a result, I’ve felt overwhelmed and out of control a lot.

I’ve since been making a conscious effort to put my energy toward positive things rather than spending it dooomscrolling and reacting to current events. I’ve limited my time on social media. Instead, I’ve added a second walk to my days, I watch uplifting or funny shows, and I spend even more time with Allegra, which, of course, is the best way to focus on all that’s good in the world.

Do you put too much of your energy toward negative things? What will you do differently this week to invite more positivity into your life?

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6 Comments on Sunday Quotes: What You Look At

  1. DuckDuckGo is the way to go and the new path to the future road of privacy, protection and perfection. Felines and all other creatures know instinctively how to stay safe and us Hoomans have to learn new ways to keep our houses, our businesses and just our lives in order.

  2. I like this very much. I try to focus on the positive and rarely watch the news. My husband is the one with that problem of doomscrolling. I have tried so hard to break him of the habit. Maybe I will send him this!

  3. Very welcome image and message, Ingrid. Thanks.
    This week I upgraded my iphone and ipad to IOS 14.8 (security) and 15 (more security plus excellent new features).
    And I took advantage of the new Hide My Email feature to keep the email newsletters that I want, but with a higher level of security, and to get rid of the others. I had already gone into Safari and stopped cookies, ads, and sales of my info. And I went through every email I do want to contnue to get and turned off the cookie settings that allow the sender to share my info with 3rd parties. And I use Duckduckgo not google as my search engine, for the higher level of privacy.
    I trust your site, Ingrid, as you never reveal or sell my info, so I did not have to change yours. So you are now within a narrow, hallowed group that I receive emails from.
    What a stress reliever this is! I now have a manageable number of emails from the sites I welcome.
    So, I too, am now devoting my energies to the positive things that nurture my mind and keep me balanced.
    PS I also applaud your decision to participate in the vet conference virtually. Everyone I know who flew somewhere this summer was sick within a week of returning home.

  4. I pulled out some old DVD’s and started watching them. It’s a good stress reliever and also to have Tasha at my side. Also found my old sound machine and will be using that for before going to sleep.

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