Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I know Mom already told you about my not so fun excursion to the dentist. It was scary, and I didn’t feel well for a couple of days, but now my mouth feels so much better! I’m grateful to my Mom for taking such good care of me even when I may not always like it.

But never mind that. I want to tell you about some visitors that come to our deck every day! Mom says they’re called squirrels, and even though she feeds them, she also gets really annoyed with them.


Look at the beautiful fall display she put on our deck. Well, a couple of days after she took that photo, the squirrels had half eaten one of the small pumpkins, and knocked over the plant and eaten some of that. Mom says it’s a good thing they’re so cute.


I don’t know about cute, but I am having fun watching them. Mom says they’re still young, because they’re not fully grown yet. Maybe they’ll start behaving when they’re all grown up?


Kitties, do you get to watch squirrels where you live?

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14 Comments on Allegra’s World: Squirrels!

  1. great pic of the squirrel. i cant stand them. they destroy everything around my decks, eat my pecans. drive the girls crazy, cut holes in my roof edging.

  2. Allegra and I enjoyed all your squirrel stories. She said she will keep you updated, should any new development occur with our squirrel visitors!

  3. We have a couple of crazy squirrels here – they broke a clay pot last year! Then a few months ago, the outside kittens that live in our backyard broke another one.

  4. Wow! That is a perfect pic of Allegra, in her window bed..So pretty! Also a great shot of the squirrel..My daughter got to raise a couple of squirrels from tiny infants, a couple of years ago..Great experience..We have squirrels in our yard..My cats are indoor/outdoor cats..I’m so glad they are too fast for my cats, to catch..Please give beautiful Allegra a kiss and hug for me..

  5. My Mom is a HUGE fan of squirrels!! She says to give the squirrels a break, since your Mom admitted she feeds them……they probably thought the pumpkin and the plant were special treats just for THEM!! How do they know? xoxo Love, Roary

  6. Allegra, so glad you are feeling better after your oral surgery. We used to have squirrels here last year that mom always put cookies out for. They would scurry up the tree and jump on the deck for their treats. This year they are not here.
    All the best,

  7. Years ago we had a Tortie, Sprite. We lived on the 2nd level and had a deck off our bedroom. I did leave food out for the squirrels. I made a warm haven for the colder winter for them. Sprite and a squirrel would just stare at each other through thew glass. The squirrel would always wait for out cat to appear. It was precious.

  8. I’m glad you are feeling better, Allegra. We have squirrels but I don’t feed them and we have chipmunks, too. Honey is more interested in the squirrels and chipmunks than Lily.

  9. I start to have contact with squirrels a few years ago as in my home country they are quite rare, specially In towns.
    But now that I have the opportunity to observe them closely to the point that they come fetch nuts from my hand I am in paradise every time they visit me.
    I love all of them, I believe that God was really inspired on the day that he imagined them

  10. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. We love squirrels here. There is a tree right in front of the dining room window and the squirrels scurry up the tree to the roof. They are so much fun to watch. We even had some birds in the tree this past summer. Do you like birds too? My grandma hand feeds a squirrel at her house. Then she hollers at him when he eats her tomato plants. Obviously he doesn’t like what she’s feeding him.


  11. Ingrid,
    It’s a joy for me to read Allegra’s updates. She is such a gorgeous girl. I’ve said before – she reminds me of my darling Bella, but not in a sad way. Belle’s eyes were always calm and peaceful, but Allegra’s have a touch of the mischief in them. I’m so glad I found this site.

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