As every cat parent knows, toys can be hit or miss with our cats, which is why it’s always such a joy when your cat has a toy that she loves so much, she doesn’t want to let it out of her sight. That is the case with Allegra and her Catomic Ball.

The ball was given to us by a dear friend about a year ago, and it’s still one of Allegra’s favorites. She actually doesn’t play all that much with it, but she LOVES this ball. I mean, she LOVES it!


Most days, at some point during the day, she sleeps near it, or on it.


Or at the very least, it needs to touch her while she naps.


I’ve only ever seen this toy in brick and mortar stores, not online. You can probably find out whether someone near you carries it by contacting Goli Deisgn, the maker of this toy, through their website.


Does your cat have a favorite toy?

11 Comments on Allegra and the Catomic Ball

  1. Allegra, your Catomic Ball sounds like a bomb, but I bet it’s a fun toy. Have a ball with your Catomic Ball, just make sure it lands in the right places, ha, ha!

  2. Years ago I had a kitty who found one of those round red-and-white fishing bobbers (no line attached ) and he carried it around all the time. Allegra looks like it’s her security toy.

  3. My concern about this wonderfully fun toy is that my cat, Pawso, is obsessed with loose pom poms. It looks like this catomic balls is comprised of individual pom poms. Pawso will eat a pom pom immediately and a while ago he vomited, over the course of a month, 3 individual one inch pom poms that were stuck in his belly for weeks. Thankfully he did not have to go to the ER for an obstruction. If pawso were to chew this toy, and he would be determined to break those pom poms apart, we would have a problem. As long as those pom poms cannot come loose, then the toy looks wonderful. The moral of the story—-know your cats behavior and what is safe for them. Every cat is different. But Pawso agrees with Allegra, that toy looks super fun!

    • Those can be swallowed!
      I no longer give my Lucy any of the furry / fuzzy ball type toys. She will take them apart.

  4. Yes! My cat does this with a little stuffed beetle toy. She also carries it around the house and sometimes will leave it in her cat bed. Not something I would have picked myself, it was also given to us as a gift. I love watching her enjoy her favorite toy.

  5. Adam’s favorite of all time; the dark blue plastic pull-tab from the half-gallon milk bottle. They tend to vanish under the furniture and sadly, the milk company changed their bottles to screw tops so he’s lucky if I find a stray one under something occasionally.

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