7 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Dancing Leaves

  1. Those autumn leaves sure do dance all around! Then showing off their various colors in the air and everywhere, till they eventually fall to the ground. They blow all around, just like colorful dancing fairies, that seem to call out to all creatures that are watching. Come play and dance with us, before all of us have blown far far away, only to return next year in the very same way.

    • Love this quote. My dogs love to play in the leaves after I have raked them in a pile. They jump in the pile and I have to rake all over again.

  2. Some years ago, when the cats were about 8 years, one of them used to gather the leaves in his mouth and bring them to me,
    It was the sweetest sight…he would have his mouth full and then still pick up a few more.

  3. My neighbor has a big tree that is dropping leaves and my girls are loving watching them fall to the ground. I only have a pine tree and they can’t see the pine needles falling. The fallen pine cones attract squirrels (who eat them) and they do love watching squirrels.

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