Happy Thanksgiving from
Allegra and Ingrid

I keep a gratitude journal all year long, but I do spend a little extra time on Thanksgiving reflecting on everything I’m thankful for.

I mentioned some of the things I’m thankful for in my annual Thanksgiving ABC’s, which I shared on Sunday. Of course, Allegra tops the list every year – followed by you, our Conscious Cat readers!

7 Comments on Happy Thanksgiving 2021

  1. Allegra, you’ve turned into a stunning turkey, but just for Thanksgiving. Allegra, it’s time to return to your beautiful furry cat body. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone at Conscious Cat, and especially our 2 favorite girls, Ingrid and Allegra.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Ingrid and Allegra …Of course I am Thankful for my sweet Furkids…Amanda, Sugar, Chubby, Peanut and Tippy…I am so thankful to work at a Cat Only Shelter and rescue and I am truly thankful for the Conscious Cat xoxox

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