Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about my new favorite game! It’s called “Chasing Lights.” There are a couple of different ways I play it, but my favorite way is when Mom makes rainbow colored lights dance all over the living room. It’s so fun to try to catch them!


Mom says they happen when she makes a little crystal prism that hangs in our window swing. The lights move super super fast, and then they slow down, and then they speed up again. It’s so cool!

Another way I can play the game is when Mom sits in the sunny living room and looks at her phone, and magically, a small clear light dot appears on the ceiling, or on the floor. Sometimes that happens when Mom tries to take a photo of me lounging in the sun, and she always gets mad at me because instead of looking at the camera, I look at the moving dot. Of course, she doesn’t really get mad. It’s actually kind of amusing and a whole different part of the game, because it makes me  laugh when she keeps saying “Allegra! Look at Mommy! Look here, Allie!” Doesn’t she know the little dot is so much more fascinating than Mom, who I can look at all the time?


My Aunt Rita plays the light game with me when Mom is away. She takes her glasses off and wiggles them, and all of a sudden, the light dot appears! How cool is that!

The only part about Chasing the Lights that I don’t like is that so far, I haven’t been able to catch those darn lights. But I’m ever hopeful – the day will come when I will catch one, and it will be epic!

Mom says the video below of me chasing those lights was taken in April of 2010, when I had just come to live with Mom. I guess I’ve gotten a little more dignified since then!

Kitties, do you like to chase lights?

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  1. I used to play with a laser light with my kitten a good bit because she seems to love it and got good excercise. I noticed after awhile she would look for it almost anxiously and decided to do some research. Well I found quite a few articles on the it and found that it can indeed be harmful. That was about the years ago when I retired the lasers – so I can’t quote why but it’s something you should look into. Of course all cats are different.

    • I’m well aware of this issue. TLaser toys are not harmful unless pointed directly at the cat’s eyes, but they can lead to a frustrating play experience since they can never actually catch the red dot. I recommend pointing the laser at a real toy toward the end of the play session so a cat can have the “catch” experience. I always follow Allegra’s light chasing with play with a real toy.

  2. It sounds like so much fun, my sweetheart, Allegra, that I wish I too could chase the rainbow lights. Have fun, but watch Mom’s breakable items in the room, and don’t get any boo boos.
    Love you, sweetness.

  3. Allegra!! I do the same thing when Mom is looking at her phone and the sun is out. It drives Mom crazy because I will knock things over and down to get at that light!! Just think, they didn’t even have to buy us something special to get such a fun light! Love, Roary

  4. I could just kiss and squeeze Allegra! She is sooo cute..I have 13 cats, all different colors, but none are torties..I had one years ago named Greta, but she passed years ago..I love my cats, but I don’t choose them..They come to me out of need, injured, pregnant, or just abandoned..I get them fixed up and they are my joy!

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