Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a cool new game Mom has been playing with me for the last couple of weeks. She calls it “organizing.” I don’t know what that means, but it’s so fun!

It always starts with her pulling a lot of stuff out of a closet, which is really awesome, because it means I can go into the closet and explore. Usually, the closet doors are closed.  Mom doesn’t like me going into her closets, which is no fun at all. She says it’s because I once bit stencil patterns into a couple of her shoes and she doesn’t want to lose any more shoes to my arts and crafts talent…

But then the best part starts: she brings out these big plastic containers! Of course, I have to jump in them right away. They’re the purrfect size for me.


Sadly, Mom eventually fills them with stuff from the closet and then puts them back behind the closed closet doors. But it’s a fun game while it lasts, and Mom promised that there are more closets that need to be “organized,” so I know I’ll have more fun with storage bins again soon.

Kitties, do you help your humans “organize?”

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  1. Oscar always helped me organize. There are many empty organizer tubs saved for Oscar. Now that he has gone to the great beyond they will probably be used for actual organizing though Samantha, Ginger, Lovebug and Mustachio all like to be helpful too.

  2. Since none of my kitties could agree on a spokes cat, I am speaking for all 7 of them. The 4 clowder members who like to help me change sheets and make the bed, as well as “build IKEA” enjoy helping me “organize”. The other 3 wait until I am done with whatever project “we” are doing, then “inspect” accordingly.

    (All members of the clowder came from different situations, and all are street cat rescues. Only 2 are related – same parents, different litters. Eventually, all from that family situation got rescued.)

  3. Hi Allegra! Meeka here! I do try to help my hoomans organize. I mean, I’m always by their feet, telling them where things go! Sadly, they mostly don’t believe me when I say the scraps go to me, or that all the black clothes should be on the floor. They remind me of my older brother Pepper (rip brother), and I just HAVE to lay on them.
    And when my hoomans bring home bags of food, I climb into the plastic bags. I love laying on them. The crinkly noise is the best. My hoomans just find it funny. And I am a turd about my stuff. I was brought home with a special blanket on adoption day. I prefer old boxes and the small space behind the couch. Out of the way of the small annoying, tail chasing child. But yeah! Helping clean is fun!

  4. Hi Allegra, I had to laugh about stencil patterns in your mom’s shoes. My mom told me that one time she had a dog (gasp, I mean my mom with a dog, what was she thinking, cats are always better) and this dog chewed holes in her shoe and she didn’t know it and wore them to work. One of the other salesgirls noticed and asked mom what happened and mom was so embarrassed. She had to finish the day on a store floor trying to sell clothes with holes in her shoes. I think it’s funny. That’s what she gets for having a dog. ……Lulu…….

  5. Hi Allegra! Maybelline Cat here. Organizing is one of my favorite games too! When my Mom pulls her craft items out of the closet to organize, I appear and first look thru everything. After that, I sit next to her the entire time. I know how much she enjoys the Organizing Game when I’m right there with her.

  6. Hi, we are Adam and Eve and we’re with you, Summer! Bins and boxes are not our cup of tea, but CLOSETS are the BOMB! Mom accidentally left the walk-in door open just enough for Eve to get in and fall asleep on a pile of quilts. Of course, when she woke up, she was totally lost, not knowing where she was. This space was strange! MEOW!!

  7. Hi, I’m Millie the kitten – and I like to help my mum unpack the shopping each week. She very kindly puts about ten bags of groceries in the hall each week to unpack, and wants me to help her. So, I jump into each bag to investigate and approve the products she’s bought. Of course, top of the list has to be kitty treats and pots of natural yogurt. Oh, and tuna.

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