It’s hard to believe Ruby has been gone more than two years after being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. Some days I still miss my little girl so much, it feels like she just left me yesterday. I’m grateful I have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections on this site to comfort me and remind me of some of the cute things she did when the pain hits, and I love sharing the memories with you.

I loved imagining and writing the spirited conversations between Ruby and Allegra, so I thought I’d share some of them as I remember my little girl.

Today’s memory takes us back to July 2016, when the girls shared their morning routine. I was surprised, reading through it, how man of the little details have already gotten fuzzy in my mind.

Read Allegra and Ruby’s Morning Routine for the full conversation.

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8 Comments on Remembering Ruby: Ruby and Allegra’s Morning Routine

  1. I don’t know how their lives pass by so quickly and seem like they are over in the blink of an eye. I just passed one year marking the loss of my canine soulmate. It hasn’t really gotten better, I still miss her terribly every single day. We have such a special connection to our pets, maybe some more then others, and that loss never does go away, we just have to find a way to live with it. My little cat is 11-1/2 now and how I hate seeing her grow older. She has been my comforter so many times.

  2. My special little girl has been gone since 2014 and it still weighs heavy on me. Some of the details are getting hazy for me too but I miss her. I miss her and probably always will.

  3. I don’t think you ever get over the loss of a beloved 4 legged child. My oldest dog passed away 5 yrs ago, I still talk to her and cry. So very sorry for your loss.

  4. These conversations were always so much fun to read. It sure doesn’t seem like it’s been two years since Ruby passed. Like you, I feel like it was just yesterday.

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