It’s hard to believe Ruby has been gone more than two years after being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. Some days I still miss my little girl so much, it actually feels like a physical ache. I’m grateful I have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections on this site to comfort me and remind me of some of the cute things she did when the pain hits, and I love sharing the memories with you.

Last week, I shared a memory of Ruby talking about how she slept with me most nights. But over the winter months, she would often crawl under the covers and press herself against my stomach for extra warmth. The first time she did this, my heart melted!

Today’s memory goes back to December 2012, when Ruby explained why she liked to sleep under the covers.

Read Ruby’s Reflections: Undercover Kitty for the full story.

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9 Comments on Remembering Ruby: Undercover Kitty

  1. So, so sweet. One of my cats used to always sleep under the covers and cuddled up to me. Not sure why, but he stopped doing this about two years ago. I certainly miss it; although he still sleeps cuddled-up to me on top of the covers. These memories of Ruby are so very precious, Ingrid. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Such a heartfelt story my late cat slept with me also she was such a precious soul. My daughter’s cat looks just like Ruby.

  3. Tasha does not like being under the covers. She will sleep beside me or at my feet. When she sleeps beside me, I love to give her a quick pet to let her know how much I love her.

  4. Beautiful Ruby was so loved and brought so much joy . Thank you for having her.❤️ RIP
    Sending hugs

  5. It’s such a sweet story. What a wonderful memory for you. Ella (who I lost a year ago in December) liked to sleep under the covers and it was always a special feeling when she was cuddled there with me. Lily prefers to sleep up against me but not under the covers.

    I had my first experience with a cat wanting to sleep under the covers when I was taking care of my friend’s cats. His Siamese, once he decided I was OK, always slept under the covers against my chest. Having that lovely boy sleeping with me was the reason I decided to get my own 2 lovely girls. After he and his brother went home, I realized how much I had missed having a pet.

  6. It is so hard too forget our furbabies that gave us so much joy and love but they live in your heart and memories. I have lost a lot of my dear furbabies I wish I could go visit them. May Ruby RIP for she knows that she was dearly loved.

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