If ever there was a time for this quote, surely, this is it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with finding a balance between staying informed about the war in Ukraine without letting it consume me. Marianne Williamson put it perfectly in her piece Hello Humanity: What  You’re Doing Now Isn’t Working: “I notice how in the space of a week I’ve gone from “I can’t take my eyes off the news” to “I can’t bear to turn on the TV.” I went from a need to track every Russian and Ukrainian move, to now feeling I can’t bear to see any more examples of Putin’s brutality. I’m feeling the collective state of low grade depression experienced by several million if not more of us at once. No one can believe it. No one can stand it. And yet the horror just goes on.”

It helps to limit news intake. It helps to focus on how we can help the Ukranian people. And all the advice about how to preserve our mental health that we’ve (hopefully) been following for the past two years of living with the ongoing stress of a global pandemic applies here, too: eat healthy food, exercise, rest, meditate. The latter has been essential for me.

I’ve previously  mentioned how much of a difference Katie Krimitsos and her Women’s Meditation Network have made in my life.  I can’t recommend this resource highly enough. Recently, Katie created a meditation titled “More Love, Less  Hate,” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I found this meditation both thought provoking and calming, and have been listening to it several times a week.

You can listen to the More Love, Less Hate Meditation here. I encourage you to subscribe to Katie’s meditations on Patreon. It’s the best $20 I’m spending every month.

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5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: More Love, Less Hate

  1. G d made the light then said it was good, then the darkness was made and it was good; but there are 2 different types of light and 2 different types of darkness. What G d created for the world was good, but when darkness fills the earth with terrible hate, destructive acts of war that hurt and kill innocent children, people and animals then that type of darkness is bad. The soul, mind, and heart becomes so polluted with darkness that it spreads outside of the body and possesses the earth. The only cure for that type of darkness is light. Light must shine from every corner of the earth, flowing from the beings who inhabit the earth and spreading near and far to create beautiful rays of light, and this will wipe out the darkness, and that’s good

  2. Thank you for the information about the Women’s Meditation Network. I didn’t know about it, and the meditation you linked to has been very helpful to me today. I subscribed to their podcast.

  3. How wise of you to turn away from TV and, most pointedly, the mainstream media. All is not as reported.
    Love and Light

  4. I think that is some great advice, focus on how we can help. There really isn’t much else we can do beside help and pray for everyone in Ukraine and those who lost family members and homes. I am also trying to focus more on the stories about organizations who are there helping out. Just yesterday I saw a story about a man who drove from UK to rescue animals and another who took teddy bears to refugee children. People like this are angels.

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