It’s hard to believe Ruby has been gone more than two years after being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. Some days I still miss my little girl so much, it actually feels like a physical ache. I’m grateful I have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections on this site to comfort me and remind me of some of the cute things she did when the pain hits, and I love sharing the memories with you.

Last week, I wrote about apps designed for cats and whether those games are a good idea. That made me remember when I bought my first iPad in August of 2013. Not surprisingly, one of the first things I did was download a cat game to see whether Allegra and Ruby would enjoy that. Of course, that led to a spirited exchange between the two girls.

Read Allegra, Ruby and the iPad to get the full story.

7 Comments on Remembering Ruby: Ruby and the iPad

  1. Such a sweet memory. They can forever make our hearts ache by their absence–although I believe they walk beside us in spirit–always.

  2. I lost my beautiful girl seven months ago and I just love reading these posts about Allegra and Ruby. I never thought of having my girl play on an iPad. Thank you!!

  3. I get every new interactive toy for Tasha but she is not interested in them at all. When she is looking out of the window when the birds come up on our small deck ,she gets interested in the birds that come by for a drink in the fountain. Even if it is for a fleeting moment, then they are off.

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