Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Today is Mom’s birthday, and I’m surprising her with flowers and her favorite cake!

Mom is going to take the day off today and we’re going to hang out together and celebrate, and she’s going out to dinner to her favorite restaurant with a friend. I wish she’d just stay home with me all day, but I know she needs to be with her friends, too, so I’ll just nap while she’s out. And maybe she’ll bring me a special treat from her dinner. Rumor has it that she may have a seafood dinner! Maybe even tuna?

Please help me make my Mom’s birthday a good one by wishing her Happy Birthday!

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  1. OMC I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON YOUR BLOG!!! Thank COD I at least wished you a happy birthday on Facebook!! Hoping your birthday was as special as you are!!!!! In my world, I celebrate all month so you still have the rest of May to celebrate more! Happy Belated!! xoxo

  2. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! They made my day extra special. Allegra showered me with cuddles and kitty kisses, and yes, she did get a little taste of my seafood dinner (but it was not tuna!) 🙂

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