Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! You know by now that I LOVE crinkly plastic seals. Whenever I hear mom open a jar or other container that has one of those seals, I come running into the kitchen! It doesn’t matter where in the house I may have been, or whether I was fast asleep, because to me, that sound is just simply irresistible!

Mom lets me play with the seals for a little while, but she always takes them away from me as soon as I start chewing on them. I know she just wants to keep me safe, but it really ruins my fun!

The other day, Mom came up with a new idea for a crinkly plastic seal game. This time, the seal came from a container of tuna salad. Before you get all excited, it was vegetarian tuna salad, which, as far as I’m concerned, tastes gross, but the containers do have a particularly fun seal.


Mom hooked it over the edge of the coffee table, and it made for a really fun game!

I still don’t understand why  mom can’t just buy real tuna salad, but maybe that doesn’t come with fun seals? Yes, that must be it. She buys the vegetarian tuna just so I can have a seal to play with!

Kitties, do you like playing with crinkly plastic seals?

6 Comments on Allegra and the Tuna Salad Seal

  1. That looks like a really fun game that Mom came up with to let you play with the seal AND keep you safe! My Lily loves chewing on plastic bags. I try to not have a lot of them around but some things are shipped in plastic bags so I have to corral them right away for recycling to keep her safe.

    I’m not sure why they are so attractive to her but she hasn’t outgrown it. I’d rather she played with the plastic seals but no interest there at all.

  2. I’m not sure, I understand why it’s called a Tuna Salad seal? The crackling sound would definitely make most animals/pets
    curious, but if there’s no smell of tuna, then I’m missing a piece to the puzzle.
    However, someone has to have a suggestion for making a cat toy that smells like tuna and makes a crackling sound, before Allegra loses her mind.
    Good luck Ingrid, in your lab! Just put your glowing, hard wired thinking cap on and sooner or later, you’ll prevail.

  3. Psst…Allegra…if there is no tuna in it, it is not tuna salad, no matter what you call it. But if it has a fun seal thatis one redeeming quality.

  4. Maybe your mommy can patent a great game with the crinkly plastic seals. You almost were able to get it off the post.

  5. Those plastic seals are so much fun. I tend to chew on them too much, so I don’t get to play with them often. Lulu seems to get to play with them longer than I do and it’s just not fair.

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