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6 Comments on Sunday Quote: Whispering

  1. Love must be shouted from the highest rooftops and given to all those who’re hurting and even to those who aren’t. The governments are pitting families against families, men against men, women against women and children against children. And to not forget all persons in every part of the world against all people of this world, just for power, greed and haughtiness. And most of the words flowing from their mouths, they’ve no knowledge about.

  2. Listened to the first half of the PBS special on Watergate, 50 years ago. The parallels to then and now are uncanny. The dirty tricks and BIG LIES have come back and continue daily.
    The war in Ukraine with the potential to change the balances of power and not for the good.
    This meme struck me as it is so true.

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