Allegra and I wish you a happy 4th filled with everything summer is supposed to be about.

Just remember that whatever you choose to do today, this may not be your cat’s favorite holiday. Unfortunately, my state allows neighborhood fireworks, and for the past week, they’ve already been going off all around us. Thankfully, Allegra isn’t bothered by them nearly as much as she used to be. If fireworks are an issue where you live, plan ahead so you can make the holiday as stress free as possible for you cats.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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  1. Happy 4th everyone at Conscious Cats!
    Allegra, I didn’t even recognize you, but you look different-that’s beautiful.
    Ingrid & my favorite feline/human-like friend, Allegra, have a great time.

  2. Your graphic is darling!! They allow fireworks where we live too (I detest that they allow them). I felt awful because we were out of town from noon Saturday til 1:30pm Sunday and it was the first time Roary spent the night alone. (We boarded Levi), when we came in on Sunday he seemed a tad “spooked.” I think it had to be from fireworks Saturday night. I didn’t leave the TV on because he often climbs up to it when we are home (it’s on the wall), and I was afraid something awful would happen…or that it would overheat and start a fire (if I left it on for over 24 hrs). (When we are home, the fireworks don’t phase him but with us not being here I think they might have bothered him.) Ugh. Hope you have a happy and boom-free fourth!

  3. Happy 4th Ingrid and Allegra! I’ll be playing a few calming CD’s tonight. I’m sure Tasha will be hiding from the noise of all the fireworks.

  4. What a great picture!! I love it! It’s so homey. Happy 4th to you Ingrid and Allegra and everyone. We have had fireworks, some illegal, here in California going off for several weeks now and I’m not looking forward to tonight as I have very sensitive ears and my boys take off under a chair when there are really loud ones. So my cats and I will be spending the evening under my bed! 🙁

  5. I dread the 4th every year, so it pretty much puts a damper on enjoying the actual day. We’ve been hearing fireworks every night for at least the last week and it will continue for several days after. But tonight will sound like a war zone. We live in a rural area and the illegal fireworks are completely out of control, there apparently is no stopping them. I bring inside every animal I can on our small farm. My dogs have to be medicated. My older cat is nearly deaf so she is not affected, the younger one hides under the bed until it’s over. But after tonight the worst will be over. Until New Years. Sigh.

  6. Happy 4th to you & Allegra!
    Last year I got JacksonGalaxy’s Holiday Stress Stopper and didn’t notice much effect. This year, he recommended starting it several days before the fireworks/firecrackers start. I tried that and my cat is noticeably less bothered and startled by the annoying noises! This works! I simply put the drops of this on her rubber brush right before grooming her. She loves it. I use JacksonGalaxy Para Outta Site this way also. The latter is her favorite of all his solutions. A couple of times a month I use the FleaXX spray he sells (I spray this on her brush–no scent) and use the Para Outta Site daily and have not had to use any Rx or OTC flea/tick products on her. She’s an almost socialized formerly outdoor cat who now sleeps indoors, spends a lot of time on tge screened patio, but still goes out in the garden during the day.

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