Don’t you wish you were right there on that beautiful beach having a picnic with Allegra?

Labor Day always makes me a little melancholy. Even though I’m ready for some slightly cooler weather, I’m not quite ready for all the pumpkin spice madness that is sure to erupt any day now (if it hasn’t already.) I don’t like to rush my seasons.

Allegra and I wish you a relaxing, fun-filled, purrfect Labor Day!

5 Comments on Happy Labor Day 2022

  1. I certainly wish I had been hangin’ with Allegra on the beach, sipping on a Meowtini. Even though I don’t what the ingredients are….. Allegra has good taste, so I am certain I would enjoy her whimsical drink!

  2. Good Morning Ingrid! Welcome . I do need an answer I have a 11 yr old cat named Ms. Mida who has always had a problem with the litter box I have 2 pans one downstairs and the other upstairs for I have a male neutered Sir Tiger. My pans are open for they both don’t like things over their face. But Mida has had a problem for quite sometimes when she uses the pan she goes way back until she hits the back and she pisses outside the pan I do have a mat, towel and
    a pad under it she stills gets the floor and the wall. She is forever grooming herself I don’t know what her problem I am thinking it could some kind of food allergy but the vet said s use flea stuff. I don’t know what too do she is very sweet.

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