Today would have been Ruby’s 12th birthday, and as is often the case with these special days, I miss my precious girl even more today than I usually do. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with the fact that she died so young. She had so much life left to live, so many more years of irritating her big sister, and so many more tuna cakes to enjoy.

The photo above shows her on her 8th birthday in 2018.

I thought I’d share this little gallery of some of my favorite photos with you today to remember my sweet girl.

Happy Birthday, Ruby in spirit. I hope there’s tuna cake in heaven.

32 Comments on Remembering Ruby on What Would Have Been Her 12th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday sweet gal. i don’t ever think we get over the loss of our beloved pets, especially if they pass away at a young age.

  2. Happy Birthday Ruby in Heaven. I’m sure you are enjoying Tuna Cakes in heaven. Say hello to your cousins, Cosmo, Summer, Chelsea, Blue Cheese, Romeo and Juliet and Austin and Charlie up there too. I’m sure it is beautiful up there with lots of sun puddles to lay in.

  3. Happy Birthday, Ruby! May you be blessed with happiness and free from all pain and suffering.

    I still miss and mourn my beloved Piper and Gabie (Capt Gabie; Gabriella Fuzzyfeet). They both died from kidney disease.

    The book that has helped me the most is Healing After Loss (Daily Meditations) by Martha W Hickman, available on Kindle and in paperback (new & used, Amazon & elsewhere). Unlike other books on grieving, the brief daily message starts with a quote (Philosophers, poets, writers, Native American Indians, etc) and then focuses on a thought or idea or something to help live with the loss. The author lost her young daughter, not a cat, but the loss of our cats is comparable, or at least, it is to me. This book does not make you sad. It just helps you continue to live. I highly recommend it.

  4. Hi Ingrid

    It is never easy for your baby is always in your heart and memories. Happy Birthday Allegra! You are beautiful!

  5. I’m sure there’s tuna cake available for her birthday and she’s enjoying it while keeping an eye on you and Allegra. Take some extra time for yourself to relax with Allegra and look through your favorite pictures of beautiful Ruby.

  6. My Kiki turned 12 last month. She seems to be slowing down some but I can’t bear to think of life without her. She’s who brought me to your page all those years ago. I’m sorry you are sad but hopefully the memories are happy. (((Hugs)))

  7. Hugs to you Ingrid. It never really goes away does it? And all the more so when you really should have had more time. But we carry them with us forever. She is beautiful and so blessed to have had you!

  8. You have used the term “Soul Cat”, it is a difficult thing to lose them.

    Kasey, my “warrior queen” tortie has been gone since May 2013, and I still miss her a great deal. I understand the impact it had a person.

  9. Sending love to you on her birthday. It’s always hard to lose them. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful memories with us.

  10. I’m sending happy birthday wishes to beautiful Ruby over at Rainbow Bridge. She was so blessed to have you Ingrid, as her mom!

  11. Ruby will always be with you.
    I know and feel your pain
    I lost my Queen Minnie in 2018.
    She suffered a seisure.
    She Lost her mobility and voice.

    I took care of her until she passed one month later on March 7 th.
    She made it to her 15 th.
    I feel her presence everyday

  12. Happy Birthday Ruby what a lovely looking cat.
    So hard to lose them when they are young. I lost my gorgeous boy Branston 3 weeks ago a few days short of his 4th birthday. I feel absolutely devastated and miss him and his cuddles so much. Life can be so cruel, finding it incredibly hard to believe he has gone

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