Running a feline rescue has never been an easy task. These often small non-profit organizations rely on donations. Raising funds has become increasingly more difficult. 80% of small shelters face challenges ranging form aging facilities to rising veterinary costs to limited resources. 75% of community cat organizations can’t afford to pay their employees. Enter Mission Meow.

About Mission Meow

Mission Meow is the brainchild of Sally Williams. Sally is no stranger to non-profit work. She was the founder and executive director of The Brodie Fund, inspired by the love of a cat named Brodie. The fund offered financial assistance to families that had pets diagnosed with cancer. She was also mom to Marlin The Buddha Cat who bravely lived everyday to the fullest until cancer claimed his life. He is one of the inspirations for Mission Meow.

Sally is passionate about helping cats, and she has a unique ability to think outside the box, which is how she came up with Mission Meow’s business model.


Mission Meow works with businesses to increase the level of charitable donations for small feline-centric nonprofits to help create meaningful change for cats in need.

Mission Meow puts together a group of businesses who contribute a quarterly donation. Every month, those donations are combined, and an organization is selected to receive the donation. The recipient will be thoroughly vetted through their application process, and donors will know exactly where the donation funds are being allocated.

How you can help

Mission Meow needs both business partnerships and donations to achieve its mission.

Do you own a small (or large) business? Does the company you work for have a charitable giving department? Consider joining Mission Meow as a business partner. Businesses receive a number of perks for their donation, including a dedicated partner listing on Mission Meow’s website and periodic social media posts with logo and tags.

Individuals who would like to support Mission Meow can do so here.

For more information, please visit https://missionmeow.org/. You can also find Mission Meow on Facebook and Instagram.

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