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We previously reviewed a number of PETLIBRO’s fountains and because we love them, we have included them in our Product Guide. Today, PETLIBRO is launching their batteryoperated cordless Dockstream fountain, and one lucky Purrs of Wisdom reader will get a chance to win one!


Dockstream fountain features

    • Place it anywhere you want, without having to worry about cords to trip over (or get chewed by curious kitties) or location of outlets.
    • 2.5 liter capacity.
    • Stainless steel water tray.
    • Modular design makes cleaning easy.
    • 4 layers of filtration (activated charcoal and resin) to remove impurities, including hair, heavy metals, foul odors and other harmful substances.
    • 30 days of power on a single charge of the 5,000mAh lithium battery.
    • Super quiet at 23 decibels. That’s quieter than a whisper.

What we love about the Dockstream fountain

Even though we haven’t had a chance to try one yet, there are so many things to love about this fountain. I don’t know about you, but the outlets in my kitchen are never where I want to place a fountain, and I don’t like using extension cords. This fountain gives you so much flexibility for placement.

My first reaction when I looked at this fountain was that they got everything right, except for the fact that it’s made out of plastic. Then I saw that the water tray is stainless steel, and I was completely sold on it.

The PETLIBRO Dockstream Battery-Operated Fountain is available from PETLIBRO.

Enter to win a PETLIBRO Dockstream
Battery Operated Fountain

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45 Comments on Giveaway: PETLIBRO Dockstream Battery Operated Automatic Fountain

  1. We have one boy w/ diabetes and one gal w/ CKD so a second fountain in the house would be put to good use! It’s very nice looking, I really like the stainless steel water tray, and what a great idea to have it cordless. Thanks for posting about this new product.

  2. I have 2 cats over 10 and they love to use one but the one I had stopped working so this one would be great to use since they love drinking out of one.

  3. I have a chihuahua and kitty that drink from the same water bowl no matter how many times I give them their own bowls. I have been considering a fountain and think this one would be fantastic

  4. i have a dog that drinks a lot of water, she will only drink fresh water. if it is the least bit dirty, food in it, she just stares at me til i give her fresh water.

  5. I have 4 ferals that I rescued from Upperville, VA – 2 of whom are very wary of me, so it would be nice to give them access to running water is a place (not near an outlet) where they can drink without being afraid.

  6. What an awesome product! My 3 cats Milo, Kai, and Baby are so obsessed with water and running water, so this would be perfect!

  7. It would be great to have a cordless fountain for Rocco! He likes to drink from water fountains more than a regular water bowl, so this would help him stay hydrated. The stainless steel water tray is very important, too!

  8. I’d love this for my 3 year old cat Jasper, and my 9 year old Charlie! They love running water, going so far as to literally learn how to press down on our actual water dispenser just to get running water. I’ve tried corded water fountains but the cords always make it hard to have around.

  9. I would love this for my 3 adult cats and 1 kitten. They love running water and this is the perfect solution for them to enjoy drinking their water.

  10. My cats, Hamilton and Jefferson, like to drink water from the faucet and I think this would be a better option. I don’t have a place to plug in a fountain and I know how important it is for them to drink water. I think this would be a great option for them.

  11. Our middle cat, Archer, LOVES water fountains, but we don’t have a convenient place to put one, because of the placement of the electrical outlets in the kitchen. This would allow me to give him a fountain and put it in a convenient location. Win-win!

  12. My cat likes to drink from the sink faucet. I would love to give this to her since the tray is stainless steel rather than plastic.

  13. My covid baby, Mufasa gets so frightened from the water dish, for some reason. He seems to do better with a fountain. But I haven’t found one that is good. This one seems amazing and I’d love to try it out! Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I hope to win this fountain for my newly adopted dilute torbie kitty Lilly. And the fact that it is cordless makes it purrfect. Lilly likes to drink from her bowl, so I think she will drink more water from a fountain.

  15. The thing is, the model with the stainless tray isn’t listed on their website. The tray is plastic on the Dockstream model. If you look again, the top picture shows the plastic white tray, the second picture shows a stainless tray. It doesn’t sound like you given the opportunity to test it out with your cats. At this point, I don’t know what product I would be entering to win. Please do more careful research before putting your name behind a product and offering it to others.

    • The winner will get the model with the stainless steel tray, and it is listed on Petlibro’s website (first fountain on the left once you click through my link.) You are correct that the top photo shows the plastic tray. I’m sorry if that made things confusing for you.

  16. Would love to win the cordless water fountain because it looks fantastic, no cords to trip over, and of course my cat will have a stylish fountain to drink from.

  17. I have two kitties and an older type of fountain. It is cumbersome and difficult to clean and refill which I do faithfully twice a week. Flowing water is so much better for kitties and they are drawn to it. I would be delighted to win this fountain for my kitties that would provide a much better way for them to get the water they need. Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway.

  18. I have one cat with IBD and CKD, and another with diabetes. They both need to drink lots of water to stay healthy. This fountain would be a great way to give them an appealing source of additional hydration.

  19. I have a diabetic cat who is on insulin and needs to drink as much water as possible for good health. Two of the other cats bug me all the time to drink out of the faucet and this fountain would be their dream come true!

  20. I would love to have this fountain because it may encourage my cat to drink more water, it’s stainless steel, and it’s cordless. A fountain also keeps the water cleaner.

  21. One of the reasons I haven’t invested in a fountain is because I live in an older apartment complex and the outlets are not where I need them to be. This would solve the problem!

  22. I love that is cordless and my cats can’t play with a cord! My cats prefer to drink out of the faucet and this would satisfy their desire to do so without someone having to turn on the faucet and wait for them to finish drinking! Fresh, clean water everyday is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. i just looked at the fountain on their website and it is pictured with a plastic water tray, not stainless steel…

  24. love that this is cordless and has a stainless steel water tray – it looks like a fountain my cats would actually drink out of!

  25. Love the stainless tray. I have 4 older kitties who need to drink as much water as possible so may be looking into this fountain for them.

  26. My girls constantly sit in front of the water bowl and refuse to drink until they see me change the water, even if it’s only been 10 minutes since the last time I changed it.

  27. I have three cats with only one fountain. I’d love to win another to put one on my second floor to make it more convenient for my cats to drink more water. This one seems perfect! Thanks!

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