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My Cat Spit McGee was first published in 1998. I hadn’t heard of this book until one of our followers mentioned it as her all-time favorite when I had asked in a Facebook post about which cat books people read again and again, and I was intrigued. In this book, Willie Morris, the author of My Dog Skip and self-proclaimed dog man shares the story of his unlikely friendship with a cat.

From the publisher:

Forced to confront a lifetime of kitty-phobia when he marries a cat woman, Willie discovers that Spit McGee, a feisty kitten with one blue and one gold eye, is nothing like the foul felines that lurk in his nightmares.

For when Spit is just three weeks old he nearly dies, but is saved by Willie with a little help from Clinic Cat, which provides a blood transfusion. Spit is tied to Willie thereafter, and Willie grows devoted to a companion who won’t fetch a stick, but whose wily charm and occasional crankiness conceal a fount of affection, loyalty, and a “rare and incredible intelligence.”

Morris’ writing style reeled me in from the start. His lyrical descriptions of setting, animals and people is simply delightful, and of course I fell in love with Spit right away. But what touched me most was following Morris’ transformation from confirmed dog lover to cat guy.

Toward the end of the book, he’s asked by the young girl to whom he dedicated the book what he learned from cats. Morris answers “I’ve learned to care for them on their own terms. And that I know they care for us a lot. And don’t try to figure them out too much.”

If you’re looking for a sweet book about a man’s love for his cat, this book won’t disappoint.

My Cat Spit McGee is available from Amazon.


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