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I bet if cats had their say, they’d abolish Halloween. From a cat’s perspective, there’s not much to love about a holiday when strangers come knocking at your door, your humans dress up in weird outfits and scary looking masks, and some humans even try to put you in costumes. But cats don’t need to miss out on their own trick or treat fun, and Vitakraft has some yummy treats to help you get into the spirit.

Halloween safety first

Before we get into the treat part of Halloween, let’s recap a few commonsense measures to keep your cats safe:

  • Keep decorations out of reach. Electrical cords, strings and fake spider webs can cause life-threatening intestinal blockages if ingested.
  • Candles and cats don’t mix. Use battery operated candles instead of real ones.
  • Keep carved pumpkins away from cats. Even though pumpkin can actually be good for cats (it can help regulate digestion,) pumpkin that has been sitting out for days can grow mold and bacteria.
  • Provide a safe room for your cats during trick or treat time or if you’re hosting a party. Put their favorite bedding and toys in the room, along with a litter box and fresh water. Close the blinds, and consider playing soft music to diffuse the sounds from the rest of the house.
  • Keep your cats indoors, even if your cats normally go outside. Halloween is not a good time to allow them to roam. It should be noted that black cats are not at any greater danger at Halloween than other cats. This myth gets recirculated every year, and just won’t die. Black cats suffer far more harm due to many shelters shutting down adoption of black cats during the month of October.
  • A microchip and id tag on your cat’s collar will increase the odds of having your cat returned to you, should the unthinkable happen and your cat slips out.
  • Don’t dress your cats in costumes! This is one of my pet peeves. Cats who actually enjoy being dressed up are few and far between. Forcing your cat to wear a Halloween costume will stress most cats out. If you must dress her up, limit the “costume” to a seasonal collar. Use a photo editing software instead to give your cat that Halloween look!

Trick or Treat with Vitakraft Lick ‘n’ Lap treats

Vitakraft offers two new products in its signature Lick ‘n’ Lap™ Snack Line, including Lick ‘n’ Lap™ Smooth Jelly and Lick ‘n’ Lap™ Meaty Gravy. Whether as an in-between meal treat, a delicious training tool, or a saucy topper for food, the Lick ‘n’ Lap Snack Line offers convenient, single-serve pouches made with real chicken and salmon that provide cats with a boost of flavor. All Lick ‘n’ Lap varieties can be enjoyed straight from the tube, squeezed into a bowl, or used as a tasty food topper. They’re the perfect format for hand-feeding and bonding with your cats.

We reviewed these treats in September, and they’ve been a huge hit with Allegra ever since. I use them as a “chaser” after I give her her thyroid medication.

Molly DeVoss, a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist and the Founder of non-profit Cat Behavior Solutions, specializes in reducing cat shelter surrender by correcting and preventing behavior issues in the home. Molly uses her education and knowledge of feline behavior and behavior modification to help guardians and shelter staff enable their cats to express natural behaviors in ways that are ideal for both the humans and cats.

Molly credits the entire line of Vitakraft treats with being her secret ingredient to turn shelter cats from scared and shut down to adoptable. She uses them to train anxious and stressed cats both at home and in shelters, to help them bond with their humans.   


• The Lick ‘n’ Lap Smooth Jelly is a smooth gelatin snack that’s the perfect, easy-to-eat treat for cats of all ages. It is soft, savory, and delicious, making for a wonderfully interactive bonding treat.
• The Lick ‘n’ Lap Meaty Gravy is a delicious squeezable treat made with pieces of real meat that will make any cat purr. It is excellent for all cat life stages and is a hearty interactive bonding treat.

Vitakraft’s Lick ‘n’ Lap Line is bursting with natural flavors and added vital ingredients like Omega-3, to support a healthy coat and skin, and Taurine, to support a healthy heart. They come in Salmon and Chicken flavors in five-pack squeezable tubes per pack.

Vitakraft treats are available from Chewy, Amazon, and major retailers such as Walmart, PetSmart, and Petco. To find a store near you, please visit https://www.vitakraft.us/cats/.


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9 Comments on Trick or Treat! Vitakraft Treats Make Halloween Fun for Your Cats

  1. These seem to be a favorite of cats. I just might try it for Tasha. Do you know how many calories these have? I need to watch her weight with treats.

  2. Do you know the sodium content in these, Ingrid? Have you noticed if Allegra seems to drink more after these? I love the idea, and this brand looks great. When I tried other brands, my SapphoLily seemed to drink more water right afterwards, so I wondered about the salt. I couldn’t tell from the labels. Of course, the treat may just coat the tongue. And drinking more water might be a good thing. Any thoughts?

    • I haven’t noticed Allegra drinking more water. You’re not going to feed massive quantities of these treats, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about sodium content. I’m sure if you contact Vitakraft through their website, they can tell you exactly how much sodium they contain.

      • Follow up: I couldn’t find sodium info or a link to ask the maker. So I simply trusted Allegra’s recommendation and ordered some from Amazon. I got the salmon Lick ‘n Lap and the chicken broth “soup” variety. The minute I opened the tube of the salmon one, SapphoLily was interested. She licked a bit off her treat plate and immediately asked for more! Ate the whole tube and double-licked the plate to make sure she hadn’t missed a drop. This was after eating her wet food dinner, so she wasn’t hungry. Big hit! THANK YOU, Allegra & Ingrid.
        I’ll let you know what she thinks if the soupy broth one.
        I agree with others, too, that the Lick ‘n Lap is a very good consistency for hiding a pill or mixing with a medication.

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