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The Cat in the Christmas Tree is a collection of stories celebrating the magic – and mayhem – cats bring to Christmas.

Titles such as The Nativity Cat, A Christmas Princess, and Every Day is Boxing Day When You Live with Cats offer a view of Christmas through a cat’s or kitten’s eyes. From Christmas tree hi-jinks to peaceful naps in front of the fireplace, these feel-good stories are sure to bring smiles.

As Lisa Begin-Kruysman, one of the contributors to the anthology, writes, “Life’s most precious gifts don’t alway lie piled under a holiday tree waiting to be unwrapped. Some gifts wrap themselves around our hearts and remain there for a lifetime.”

I received this book for review in September. At the time, I just wasn’t ready to read a Christmas book, but I pulled it out this Thanksgiving weekend, and it got me right into the spirit of the season.

The Cat in the Christmas Tree is available from Amazon.


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