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Wand toys are fantastic way to get your cat engaged with play. They let them exercise their natural hunting instinct. Since they’re interactive, they’re also a great way for you to bond with your cats. Rompicatz offers some of the most well thought out and designed wand toys.

RompiCatz founder Ellen T. understands the importance of mental stimulation and physical exercise for indoor cats. She has been creating toys to satisfy those needs for many years. Each toy is extensively tested by Ellen and her team of furry assistants and their many furry volunteers who gladly lend a helping paw.

Their newest toy is the Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler.

Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler features

At first glance, this toy looks like just another ribbon wand toy. Take a closer look, and you’ll see that the fabric string is lined with crinkle paper, which makes an enticing sound as it flies through the air. From wiggling, twirling and dancing in the air to gliding and slithering along the ground, up and down furniture and cat trees, this toy offers endless play possibilities.

The rod is 16 inches long, the fabric string is a generous 54 inches long. The toy is designed and made in Japan.


Putting the Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler to the test

Allegra was immediately intrigued with the toy before I even had a chance to take it off the cardboard backing. Bonus points for packaging that is easy to remove and doesn’t use any plastic!

She loves following the ribbon when I drag it through the house, especially up and down the stairs, so it’s a great way for her to get some exercise. She didn’t seem to be all that intrigued with the crinkly sound, but as long as I made the ribbon move just right through the air, she jumped and danced, trying to catch it.

I tried to get video for you, but it was just too challenging to hold the phone with one hand while moving the toy around, and all my attempts would have made you seasick watching them, so I’m sharing one of Ellen’s videos instead:

Like all of Ellen’s toys, the Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler is extremely well made and I believe it will hold up well even against the toughest kitty claws. It will become a regular in our rotation of wand toys for sure.

Because of the crinkly sound, this will be a great toy for visually impaired cats.

The Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler is available from the RompiCatz website.

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5 Comments on Review: Rustlin’ Mylar Wiggler

  1. I like Rompicatz toys themselves however I find the wand itself to be too short in comparison to the string part. I don’t necessarily want to stand to play with my cats.

  2. Cute toy! Thanks!
    Other Question: Allegra’s scratching post in the background looks very stable. What brand is it? How high is it? I am researching as I am delighted to announce that after years of gently socializing SapphoLily, the outdoor cat who adopted us, she is now a full-fledged house cat. We have a large screened-in pool patio which she enjoys with me for a bit every morning, and loves to stretch and scratch on a sisal floor mat out there. When she was venturing into the garden, however, she also did vertical scratching on the trunk of a bottlebrush tree (native, very thick bark, used by deer for antler scratching—tree not harmed), and so I am thinking she might like a vertical scratcher in the house as well.
    Thanks as always, Ingrid.

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