Last week, I shared my choices for the five best cat products of the year. I usually have a hard time choosing just one product, but this year, Allegra made it easy for me. After all, a product that has been used every day for a good part of each day since we first reviewed it in April deserves to win!


Our choice for Cat Product of the Year is the Nuzzle bed from Tuft + Paw.

This is not your average cat bed. Generously sized at 22 inches across and 7 inches high, it is made from molded foam, which offers firm support and hold its shape well. An ultrasuede base prevents the bed from sliding on hard surfaces.


I put this bed in my office, and Allegra spends a good part of each day in it, whether I’m in the office or not.

For more information about the Nuzzle and Tuft + Paws’ other gorgeous products, please visit

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