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2022 was a slow year for new cat books. I only reviewed six books all year long, so I’m skipping my usual “best cat books of the year” post and going straight to my choice for Best Cat Book of the Year.

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You know Dr. Lynn Bahr from our “Ask the Cat Doc” column. She is the founder of Dezi & Roo, a company that designs, manufactures, and sells solution-based products that enhance the lives of cats and their owners. Dr. Bahr now shares her expertise with a wider audience in her book Indoor Cat: How to Enrich Their Lives and Expand Their World.

Together with co-author Laura Moss, the founder of Adventure Cats, Dr. Bahr provides a comprehensive guide to enriching the lives of indoor cats by viewing life from the cat’s perspective and providing solutions that enhance cats’ lives and prevent or combat behavioral problems.

I think this book is one of the most important and comprehensive cat care guides published in quite some time. If your cat is an indoor cat, this book is an absolute must read.

Indoor Cat is available from Amazon.


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  1. This is good timing. Now that I have adopted two cats, I would like to find ways to increase their happiness and fulfillment.

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