Allegra had a good Christmas and was spoiled with lots of toys, but oddly, the one gift that she enjoyed the most was not one of hers, but one of mine: a pair of flannel pajama pants. But why don’t I let her tell you about these pants herself.

Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about Mom’s new pants, because let me tell you, they are the best! When we opened our gifts on Christmas, I didn’t pay much attention to hers. I was too busy playing with my new toys. But a few days later she put on her new flannel PJ pants for the first time. Of course, I had to check them out.

I like to sit on Mom’s lap when she’s reading or watching TV, but I don’t do it all the time, and usually, I hop off long before she’s ready to get up. But this time, Oh My Cat! What was this incredibly soft, velvety, cozy material? I immediately proceeded to knead Mom’s legs thoroughly, appreciating the cute pattern of moons and stars while I was at it.


Then I settled in for a nap. A long nap. A very long nap. After a very long while, I could tell that Mom needed to get up. Usually, all it takes is for her to start shifting position, and I get the message and hop off her lap. But not this time! Oh no! I was not going to give up my cozy spot on these lovely flannel pants.


Mom asked me nicely to get up. She said she really had to go use the litter box. I didn’t budge. She started to move her outstretched legs off the sofa. I still didn’t budge. When she started to lift me off her lap, I grabbed on to my new best friend aka the flannel pants with my claws!

Well, eventually, she put me on the floor and did what she needed to do. As soon as she settled back down for some more reading, I immediately jumped back up on her lap, and spent the rest of the afternoon in blissful communion with the pants.

I’m telling you, these pants are magical! I love winter anyway, because laps are so much more comfortable when humans wear long pants, but never have I experienced anything like these enchanted pants!

Kitties, do you like to sleep on your human’s lap, and does it irritate you when they have to get up just when you got all nice and comfy?

12 Comments on Allegra and the Magical Pajama Pants

  1. Hi Allegra! I’ll bet your mom loved having you snuggle with for so long. I love the moon and stars jammies!

  2. It was my wedding day and my gown was laid out on my bed. My sweet Mae Ling, who has since gone to Rainbow Bridge, decided to check it out and take a nap on my gown. I took some pix, had them developed and stored them away. I was blown away when my husband came home with a portrait of my sweet girl. He found an artist who painted her portrait and framed it. It’s hanging on the wall next to another portrait of my late, great Sammy boy. I get to check them out every single day – and my Winston and Dawn don’t mind one bit.

  3. Such a cute story! From Zeke (one of my kitties): My daddy has a pair of micro fleece pants that are soooo soft and cozy, I do the same thing! They are so snuggly, when I sit in his lap, I don’t want him to ever move! But every once in a while I guess he has to move so I let him, but as soon as he’s back, back I go for another cozy nap!

  4. Love your story Allegra. Looks like mommy will have to buy herself another pair of flannel PJs so she can give you the bottoms to sleep in. Ingrid, there are after Christmas sales going on now. Hint, hint Allegra!
    Love and Hugs,
    Terri & Tasha

  5. What an adorable story! I love it when my tortie, Sophie, takes a nap on my lap. Lately, she has been avoiding that as we have a new kitten with way too much energy for her so wants to stay in the bedroom enjoying her peace and quiet. Hoping the two of them soon call a truce and become friends.

  6. Hi Allegra, Those really are some special pants. I wouldn’t have wanted to get up either. It doesn’t get cold enough here for my mom to wear pajama pants. But she does like to cover up with a soft fleece blanket sometimes. That’s when I like laying on her lap.

  7. Hi Allegra! Margaret here. Yes! I often help my Mom to sit still and rest. When I see her stopping her work to take a minute to sit on the couch, I immediately jump up and get comfortable on her legs. This is so she has to stay put. Then I start to purr. When we are warm, comfy and purring, well it’s just me purring, but even so, it gives us both a needed break. This technique has saved my Mom many times from trying to do too much. I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying the same time out with your Mom!

  8. Oh Allegra, thank you for sharing of your appreciation of your mum’s new pyjama pants. You have made me smile

  9. you funny little gal! Yes, flannel is so soft and warm, vey comfy. I guess your mom will have to get you another present, your own flannel blanket. they looked like a cute, soft pj set.

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