Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a cool new game I discovered! Mom calls it an obsession, not a game, but what does she know. Okay, that wasn’t a nice thing to say, because Mom knows a lot, but sometimes she just doesn’t get it!

Mom keeps rolls of pet waste bags under our kitchen sink. She uses them when she scoops out my litter boxes. I don’t usually pay much attention when she does that, because she does a good job and doesn’t need a lot of supervision. But I do like anything plastic, so the bags are interesting to me.

Since I’m a smart girl, I’ve figured out how to open the cabinet and get the bags out all by myself.

And once I get them out, I proceed to thoroughly chew on them. Sometimes, I only manage to get the end of a roll, but sometimes, I manage to get the whole roll out. That makes the whole chewing thing even more satisfying.

Mom doesn’t like it when I do this. Okay, so maybe 2am wasn’t the best time to do this because the cabinet door banging against the cabinet when I  couldn’t get the bags out on my first try woke her up, and I could tell she was a little freaked out about that strange noise in the middle of the night. But I don’t understand why she doesn’t just let me have the bags to chew on. It’s not like I eat them! I just like how it feels to chew on them.

Mom says it’s not good for me to chew on plastic, even if I don’t eat it, because it’s made from chemicals. I know she’s just watching out for me, but it’s still disappointing when she stops my fun. But she always tosses another toy for me when she takes my wastes bags away from me, so I guess I can’t be too mad at her.

Kitties, does your human worry about you getting into stuff?

A note from Ingrid: Allegra has always been fascinated with anything plastic. I have to keep plastic bags out of her reach (and clearly, I have to get more clever about that!) She also likes to chew on rubber flip flops. There are several theories as to why so many cats love plastic, one of them being that fish oil is used in the manufacture of some plastics. Regardless of why cats are attracted to plastic, never leave them unsupervised with plastic bags or anything else made from plastic that they could ingest.

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12 Comments on Allegra and the Pet Waste Bags

  1. Allegra you are so smart, but you know mom would catch on in the end. She is only looking after your health and safety. i guess you will have to be quieter if you want to continue things like this, but i would suggest you not chew on the plastic, not a healthy option.

  2. Hello,
    If you put litter clumps and stool in a yogurt tub and carry it out to the garbage. Bring it back in and wipe it out if you need to. You won’t have to use a plastic bag to tempt Allegra, it helps the environment and your wallet all at the same time. Works for me. Mine are even labeled – blue bedroom, front bedroom and downstairs. (3 boxes for 2 cats).

  3. An even better way to keep cats from eating plastic pet waste bags is to use flushable cat litter. Better for the environment too!

  4. I had no idea about the fish oil and have always wondered why some cats like plastic so much. Our Cooper Murphy is a plastic connoisseur. Allegra, we think you need to be careful with your obsession. Your mom may expect you to begin scooping your own litter box. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  5. I admit I am a bad girl and love to chew on plastic too. My meowmy put these little plastic hooks (called child proof locks) on the cabinet doors where I used to get in to find treasures, like cleaners and dish sponges. Dish sponges come in plastic wrap too. In the bathroom, there are other fun things I like to pull out, so she locked those cabinet doors too. Humans just don’t understand how fun some of these things can be to cats.
    ………..Miss Kiki

  6. How about switching to paper lunch bags for litter box contents? They’re inexpensive, biodegradable & can be found in any grocery store. Just a thought!

  7. Margaret here. Yes, my Mom worries about me when I try to crawl thru the open bathroom cupboard drawer into the cupboard itself. I mean, I only did this one time! Now she won’t let me get in there anymore. I think it’s bc once I get under the sink, inside the cupboard, I found a small opening where the pipes come thru the wall. I know I can squeeze thru it and explore what’s inside the wall! But Mom won’t let me. She’s talking now about blocking that space with drywall. I guess I’ll explore somewhere else!

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