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It’s probably a safe bet that most of us have bought a cat bed, only to find that our cats either don’t like it at all, or only like it for a brief period of time. Allegra sleeps with me on my bed at night, but I still like her to have a couple of beds in other parts of the house. I always have one bed in my office, and a couple of additional ones in the living room.

How to choose a cat bed

If your cat likes to curl up when she sleeps, round beds with a bolster may be the best choice for her. If she likes to stretch out, you might want to look for a low-sided rectangular bed or a padded sleeping mat. If your cat likes to sleep in closets or under end tables, he may enjoy a cave-like, hooded bed. Senior kitties who are dealing with arthritis may like heated beds. These beds come in plug-in versions and self-heated versions, where the material reflect the cat’s body heat back.


How to make a cat bed attractive to your cat

Allegra hasn’t met a bed she didn’t like and tends to explore and crawl into just about anything we’ve gotten for reviews, but only a few beds have stood the test of time and are actually being used for longer periods of time once the novelty factor has worn off.

To get your cat interested in a new bed, think about location first. Where does your cat already like to spend time? Is she a sun worshipper? If so, place the bed in an area that gets a lot of sun during the day. Choose a quiet location where kitty won’t be disturbed.

Cats are scent motivated, both by their own scent and that of their favorite humans. Try placing a blanket that your cat likes to sleep on or a worn itme of your clothing in the bed so it will have a familiar scent.

Some of Allegra’s favorite cat beds

Allegra tends to go in phases: she’ll absolutely love a particular bed for months, and then from one day to the next, she decides she wants nothing to do with it. I have yet to figure her reasons for changing preferences.


Marshmallow Cat Bed

Three years ago, I gave Allegra a Marshmallow Cat Bed for Christmas, and it was a huge hit. Generously sized at 23 inches diameter, this is the softest cat bed I have ever come across. It has a non-skid bottom. The bed can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. I love the rainbow pastel colors, even though I’m pretty sure Allegra couldn’t care less about the color of the bed. She used that bed daily for a very long time.

The Marshmallow Bed is available from Amazon.



Nuzzle Cat Bed from Tuft + Paw

The Nuzzle was our 2022 Product of the Year. Generously sized at 22 inches across and 7 inches high, it is made from molded foam, which offers firm support and hold its shape well, and covered with soft faux fur. An ultrasuede base prevents the bed from sliding on hard surfaces. For over a year, Allegra spent hours in this bed every day.

For more information about the Nuzzle and Tuft + Paws’ other gorgeous products, please visit


Petcraft Supplies Soho Round Cat Bed

A couple of weeks ago, she decided she needed a change, so I brought the Soho Round Cat Bed out again. We reviewed this cozy bed about three years ago. This bed is filled with memory foam. The plush wraparound design and the high sides provide warmth, comfort, and support. It can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low or air dried.

She immediately took to that bed again and has been using it for hours every day. Bonus: I can put the Assisi Loop Lounge® under the bed (as shown in the photo at the top of this post) so Allegra can easily get her daily treatment.

The bed is available in grey and brown from Amazon.


I’m hanging on to all three of these beds. Once Allegra gets tired of the Soho bed, which is the current favorite (and I know she will eventually!), I’ll bring out one of the others.

A word of caution about washing cat beds

Since cats are so scent driven, washing a much loved bed can “ruin” it for them, because all of a sudden it will smell differently to them. I’ve made that mistake with Allegra’s beloved window perch hammock cover. It took weeks for her to start using that perch again, and it was breaking my heart because prior to me washing it, she spent every sunny afternoon on it!

Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Bed

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7 Comments on Choosing the Right Cat Bed for Your Cat

  1. The marshmallow beds are awesome! My kitty sleeps on the bed with me at night but I got her one of those for daytime and she can be found there every afternoon. It’s squishy enough that she can stretch out over the edge if she wants to or comfortably rest her head on the side.

  2. Tasha is a fan of sleeping on my bed with me, or she has a cat scratch recline that she uses when I am downstairs on my computer. Also she will go into her carrier to sleep. I’ve bought so many round beds and she does not use them.

  3. I love seeing Allegra in her favorite beds. Mine have been enjoying blankets on the bed or couch lately. I noticed when it’s cold, they like blankets more than beds.

    • Those are some nice beds. I have a similar one like the Nuzzle bed and they love it. Of course they have several very large beds all over the house. However, they sleep with mom at night.

  4. Love this! Great points. My 3 girls have different preferences for beds and locations, but 1 will test out every bed and every location I give her before deciding.

  5. The only bed my cats love is my bed and the other bed or couch. I have bought them their own beds and yet they never slept in it.

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