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Raised Right is a family owned human-grade cat food company that works with veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to create “home cooked style” whole food recipes that are high in protein & low in carbs through using limited ingredients. All of their cat food recipes have less than 2% carbs. They do not use fillers like potato, rice, oats, yam, barley, or pasta.

Raised Right history and philosophy

The Ruud family’s roots in farming and ranching date back for centuries. The matriarch of the family started home cooking for the family pets in 2007 after the devastating outbreak of pet food contamination that resulted in the deaths of thousands of pets. This inspired the Ruuds to create a company pet parents can trust, with a strong emphasis on safety and transparency.


True human-grade food

Every ingredient in Raised Right’s food has passed the same standards necessary for human consumption. All their food is lightly cooked in a USDA inspected human-grade facility. To ensure the safety of their food, every single batch of Raised Right gets lab safety tested for pathogens like E.coli, listeria, and salmonella. Their hold release program ensures that no food ships unless it passes the lab safety test. For transparency, they post the test results from each batch on their website for everyone to see, along with a map tracing each ingredient to its source and a video showing how their food gets made.


Raised Right helps the planet

Raised Right is also doing a lot of good things for the planet. Their shipping is carbon free as they’re offsetting their carbon emissions through reforestation and forest preservation. They are Plastic Neutral Certified, which means they are removing as much plastic waste from nature as they use. Additionally, their shipping boxes are recyclable, and the refrigerated liners used to keep their food frozen in transit are compostable.

For more information and to order, go to www.RaisedRightPets.com/Purrs.

20% discount off your first full box

A full box comes with 16 bags of food. Use coupon code PETS20.

Raised Right also offers Sample Boxes, which come with 4 bags. The PETS20 coupon code only applies to Full Boxes. They offer a money back guarantee with a full refund for your first box if you’re not satisfied.

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11 Comments on Raised Right Home-cooked Style Whole Food Recipes for Cats

  1. I tried this brand and neither my dogs nor cats would touch it. The food smells like toothpaste, complete no go at my house.

  2. I like that this is human grade food. But also the safety testing they do before releasing it to the public. They seem to be doing pet food the right way.

  3. Why is it everytime a new cat food comes out have veggie and fruit my cats will not eat any of these cats are not vegetarians. I think too my cats are 6 yrs old and 12 yrs old. I think cats have to start from being young too feed them stuff like this.

    • I consider a very small amount of veggies and/or fruit in a food as a natural source of vitamins acceptable. A vet I used to work with explained it to me like this: when cats in the wild eat their prey, they also ingest the prey’s stomach contents, which are plant-based. That explanation always made sense to me. It becomes problematic when companies add veggies as fillers.

  4. I always worry when I order frozen foods that I won’t get it in time. When I have ordered it, it is either thawed or just on the edge. There are so many new foods popping up fir both dogs and cats. I like fir a food to be around awhile b4 I buy it, for reviews, and any problems that may arise.

      • I’m having that problem right now. I ordered Smalls food and it was apparently shipped last Thursday. Today is 5 days later, and it still hasn’t arrived. I don’t expect it to still be frozen after 5 days. I don’t understand why a company that sells frozen food wouldn’t ship it overnight.

          • Just to give you an update: I finally did receive the original box 8 days after it was shipped. It was completely thawed out, so I threw it away. Smalls did send another box, which I received in 2 days and still contained the dry ice. At my request, they used a different shipping company this time. So they did make this right.

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