We had an early spring here with lots of things already blooming, but now March is being fickle and it’s much colder again. I chose today’s image and quote to bring a little more spring into all our lives!

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5 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Beautiful Spring

  1. Love it. My kitties love it the birds singing, they stare out the screened backdoor with a cool breeze. Did you know on Youtube there are videos of live birds. It’a calming video & my cats wake up & watch the TV to see birds & theirs babies, they are mesmerizing

    • My first cat Feebee used to be fascinated with those videos. Allegra hasn’t shown much interest, she seems to prefer watching the real thing. 🙂

  2. Oh, my! Spring?!? Here in northern Utah, we are snowed in. The snow on our 1/4-mile long driveway has partially turned to ice. Our neighbor who always clears our driveway with his huge frontloader truck had to give up. So the driveway is now impassable for any vehicle. Since we still have 1 cat and 1 chicken there, my husband has to struggle on foot over the driveway to take care of the animals, every 5 days.

    We had hoped to make it back for the winter to Happy Cats Ranch. That’s why we took 18 of our 21 cats there in November (as the house of HCR was mouse-infested). So we had to commute from our (rather wildfire-safe) summer place in town on a daily basis to take care of the cats. Unfortunately, we were sick all winter, with one respiratory infection chasing the other. So we had to give up and took the cats back home to our place in town, 10 days age..

    We now count our blessings that we have taken the cats back to town, as it would be impossible for my husband to struggle over this frozen-snow driveway on a daily basis, carrying 40-lb bags of cat food and 60-lb bags of cat litter..

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