Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about Mom’s new hobby: diamond painting. Why don’t I let Mom tell you what it is, and then I’ll come back and tell you how I help!

Ingrid here: diamond art originated in Asia. It’s kind of like a combination of paint-by-number and cross-stitch. You apply hundreds of tiny sparkling resin “diamonds” to an adhesive, color-coded canvas. The result is a sparkly, shimmering work of art. “It requires minimal effort and can be extremely addictive as this creative outlet is great for relaxation, stress relief, and overall mental health,” says Jennifer Chu, director of sales and e-commerce for Diamond Art Club.


A friend started doing diamond art about a year ago. It seemed like fun. She recently gave me the gorgeous diamond art painting shown above. The photo really doesn’t do it justice. The painting is sparkly and vibrant and absolutely stunning. And I still can’t believe she gave it to me. It’s a large painting, and she worked on it for months!

I started crocheting again a while back and realized just  how much I missed creating something with my hands. I decided to give diamond art a try. I purchased a kit from Amazon, which came with everything I needed. Then I spent an afternoon with my experienced friend, who got me started off on the right paw. And I’m hooked!

The painting I’m working on

It’s  pretty addictive in a good way, and it really takes you out of your head and puts you into a zen state as you place your diamonds on the canvas. I think it’s a great way to soothe an anxious, runaway mind.

But back to Allegra, who, of course, has been a great little helper.

Allegra here! I love helping Mom do her diamond art. I make sure she uses the right colors – that’s very important! I tried to help her place the diamonds, but she won’t let me near the canvas. She says we don’t want cat hair sticking to it. Why not? Cat hair makes everything better!


So I’m pretty much reduced to supervising, but I’m very good at that. What I love best about Mom doing this is that she is so relaxed when she does it. It’s really good for her, and we’ll end up with a pretty painting when she’s finished. Which, I think, given the size of the canvas, and how much she’s accomplished so far, will be a long way off…

Kitties, do you help your humans with their hobbies?

8 Comments on Allegra’s World: Diamond Art

  1. I thought mom would let you do some paw painting. I know your paintings would be beautiful. I see these on Facebook, they have an account.

  2. My hobby is reading. Tasha is very good about keeping me company and lays beside me when I’m in bed reading. I never colored within the lines as a kid.

  3. Hi Ingrid, I ❤️ doing these diamond dotz
    I discovered these a little bit before the pandemic hit. I have done over 15 of these projects. I am currently working on one with Zebras very bright colored zebras. Anyhow these are very addicting and very calming as you create the project. Enjoy thankyou for sharing. Patricia

  4. Allegra is such a good supervisor. Helper, with this project, maybe not so much. I have done a couple of these and they really are a good way to relax.

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