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Oliver Kitten’s Diary offers a close up look inside the life (and mind) of a kitten during his first year of life.

From the publisher:

Oliver Kitten was born in a firetruck and ends up living with a three-generation multigenerational human family that includes a Scottish grandmother (whose knitting wool has adventures of its own), Clint, a sometime unpredictable two-year-old boy, the father Richard, his wife Nicole, and Lucy, their 13-year-old daughter. Oliver is a diligent kitten and keeps a daily diary covering everything in his life including paper shredding, leaping, purring, meowing, kneading, scratching, grooming hiding, escaping, finding sleeping places and giving licks and kisses.

Oliver’s voice is purrfect for this thoughtful (or full of thoughts?) kitten, and you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing out loud, and sometimes tearing up a little as you follow his adventures. And boy, does this kitten have some adventures!

Not surprisingly, food features heavily in Oliver’s diary. “There was a new and extra powerful smell in the house today. It was coming from the kitchen… It was called ‘fresh fish,’ and quite rightly, Richard gave me some, and seconds as well. I have never tasted anything so good in my life.”  After tasting fish for the first time, Oliver eyes the goldfish bowl, and predictably gets himself in trouble. His next diary entry reads “I decided that I’d better be extra cute for these humans. If they can bring fresh fish into the house, I need them on my side.”

The book is beautifully illustrated with black and white drawings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this charming book. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Oliver, and I was a little sad when the book ended. I hope Oliver writes a sequel!

Oliver’s Kitten Diary is available from Amazon.


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3 Comments on Oliver Kitten’s Diary: The Journal of a Mischievous Cat’s First Year

  1. Sounds like Oliver is an adorable, mischief, kitty. Sounds like a fun read. Will put on my to read list.

  2. Oliver’s Diary sounds like such a sweet book and perfect for summer reading! Thank you Ingrid for the review. I will be ordering my copy today.

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