Today’s quote is a bit of a departure from our usual “wisdom” quotes, but it pretty accurately reflects my current state of mind: when all else fails, eat pie (or cake, or Ben and Jerry’s.)

Why am I so stressed? You may recall that we had our roof replaced a little over a month ago. I was extremely worried about how Allegra would handle the noise of that, and was relieved that she did really well. I ended the post she and I wrote about the experience with “I’m relieved that we got through it and that we’ll never have to do that again!”

What is it they say? Famous last words? Well, guess what: we are going to have to do that again tomorrow. The roofers screwed up big time and used the wrong kind of plywood.

I wouldn’t even have known there was a problem if I hadn’t noticed a clogged downspout a month or so after we got the new roof. The gentleman who took care of cleaning the gutters and downspout mentioned that he felt some soft spots while walking around on the roof. Obviously, that shouldn’t happen with a brand new roof. The roofing company sent someone to take a look immediately. And yes, there was a big problem with the plywood that somehow nobody noticed during the install.

Needless to say, I was livid. Thankfully, I managed to not lose my temper with the roofing company (and trust me, that took herculean restraint!) I do appreciate how responsive they have been, but despite me pushing them to find a simpler solution, in the end, there’s just no other way to fix this than redoing the entire roof. So Allegra and I will have to suffer through another day of noise and disruption. I just hope she copes as well as she did the first time.

Our assortment of calming remedies

Our trusted assortment of calming remedies is standing by. And while sugary treats (for me) may not be the healthiest coping mechanism, in the short term, I’m allowing myself to indulge, because they do help!

Allegra and I can use all the calming thoughts you can send our way tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Ingrid, I’m always behind with my emails so just read your Sunday quote email today. You don’t have to publish this if you don’t like the content as I’m suspicious of this situation (my feelings will not be hurt if not published). Before covid, news kept coming out about how women were quoted more for car repairs than men and cheated on construction work plus added dollars on percentage quotes, etc. back in the day (when I was a younger woman LOL!). It would have been nice if that had been fixed back then instead of letting us know now how much money we may have lost due to such tactics.

    No matter how nice they appear, it would seem that qualified roof replacers who had been in business for any length of time would not make such a major mistake. After all, you found out by accident not later when it was too late to correct the problem though that company. Perhaps get this next job checked out by someone when finished? Anyway, hope this opinion is not more upsetting to you but I feel for you and am so sorry you have to deal with this. You and Allegra hang in there and bless you for always being there for us fellow cat lovers. Know without a doubt we appreciate you very much.

  2. When there is a small number of comments and you reply to everyone but me it’s hurtful and makes me feel unwanted and unloved here.
    I’ve followed you faithfully for a long time but when you’re being that kind of mean, it is especially painful to me.
    Goodbye Ingrid.
    Best wishes on your future endeavors.

    • I’m so sorry, Sue, I hope you’ll reconsider. I was extremely stressed the last few days, and while I tried to make sure I didn’t miss anything, your comment slipped through the cracks (and honestly, I could have sworn I did reply.) I hope you accept my apologies. I value you for being with me all these years and I’d hate to lose you over an honest mistake on my part.

  3. Oh, gosh, I am so sorry Ingrid. What a pain. I know exactly how you feel having gone thru
    similar things.
    I suggest pie with ice cream or pie a la mode.
    Good luck. Will be sending you both calming thoughts tomorrow.

  4. How totally frustrating that is. I would report the company to the Better Business Bureau and notify the area residents not to use that company. You only wonder how many other roofs they have done that are in the same shape. I’ll be thinking of the both of you tomorrow and pray all goes well. Play some nice soothing music blasting thru the noise. Hugs to both of you.

    • Thanks, Theresa. Mistakes happen, and I’ve always felt that how a company deals with screw ups is the measure of a good company. They have certainly been very responsive once they realized their mistake. I just wish this hadn’t happened in the first place.

  5. And a glass of wine helps.
    I use those three remedies you showed, and particularly the Bioplasma which I use daily.

    • This is definitely one of those times when I wish I drank, because you better believe I’d add a glass of wine to my anti-stress regimen!

  6. So sorry you have to go through all this again Ingrid. I live in a senior complex where we recently underwent a whole refurbishment of the buildings. They chopped off my balcony and built a new one. They took off the siding and replaced it. For 2 months everyone suffered the same fate. It was only quiet at night. Cricket is now battle-hardened and I am still a wreck. We will send you our thoughts, prayers and loving Reiki tomorrow and hope you will give Allegra a tuna cake while you eat your pie with Ben & Jerry’s.

    • Oh Patty, that sounds awful. I’m glad you got through it but I can’t even imagine how stressful that must have been. Thank you for all the good energy!

  7. Good thing the error was discovered quickly and not during a storm!
    Pie sounds like just the thing. Tuna pie for Allegra?
    Also, do you use the Tapping Solution app? Lots of free, short tapping exercises. “Turn Your Day Around: Create a Great Day” is a good one perhaps to start your roof redo day with.
    If you have never tapped, the app has a quick how to. When I first heard of tapping, I thought it sounded silly, but then I tried it for sinus congestion, and it worked! To me, it’s a bit like using acupressure points, but the places you tap are on the face and near the collarbones. Easy to do anywhere. A good addition to the stress-release arsenal.

  8. I am sorry to hear you have to go through roofing again. Something similar happened to us years ago. not bad wood, but a hail storm. The first hail storm ruined the old roof and it got replaced. But then another hail storm came a few weeks later, a real bad one this time, and it ruined the new shingles. So, we had to go through it all over again. We waited a couple months to make sure storm season had passed. The roofing company learned from our experience and even started telling people to wait if they could and not rush to get repairs until storm season passed.

  9. I have a beloved, younger friend who has serious, chronic, medical conditions. My friend often gave me the counsel that “Pancakes make everything feel better!” His Mom would make them for him on his terrible days. Many years later, he now he makes his own!
    So sorry to hear about your roof troubles. I can relate. My cats, and I avoid loud noise and chaos. Best wishes on the end result. And Thank You for sharing your insightful, honest musings on the topic!

    • When there is a small number of comments and you reply to everyone but me it’s hurtful and makes me feel unwanted and unloved here.
      I’ve followed you faithfully for a long time but when you’re being that kind of mean, it is especially painful to me.
      Goodbye Ingrid.
      Best wishes on your future endeavors.

    • I’m so sorry I missed replying to your comment on Sunday, Sue. I love the “pancakes makes everything better” story you shared.

  10. Ingrid,
    I’m so sorry that you and Allegra have to go through your roof repair again. I’m very pleased that you wrote about how stressed you have been and how you are handling the stress. I too have been feeling very stressed and I feel almost 3 years of the pandemic is a major contributor along with living in New York City. The entire world situation isn’t helping either. I am not familiar with the 3 stress relievers you posted but I am going to check them out. Thank you for posting them and I hope your roof is repaired correctly and you both get through it. I will have a piece of pie today!

    • Thank you, Marilyn. I agree that the last three years of the pandemic are contributing to how we experience stress, and I’m sure experiencing the pandemic in NYC made everything even more stressful. I find that I’ve become a lot more anxious than I used to be over the last three years, and that my ability to cope with stress has been lowered and needs shoring up again. Hmmm, that might be a column for another day… Enjoy that piece of pie!

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