I’ve been a fan of Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series, co-authored with her cat Sneaky Pie Brown, from the very start. Feline Fatale is the 32nd book in the series. The original Sneaky Pie was rescued by Ms. Brown at her local SPCA.

From the publisher:

Spring flowers may be about to bloom in Crozet, Virginia, but Harry is thinking about snow. Her dear friend Ned Tucker is in the House of Delegates, advocating for a bill to improve road clearing during bad weather, and Harry and Ned’s wife, Susan, have gone down to the statehouse to support him. Tensions are high between political parties, and no one can agree on anything for long enough to get something done.

The bill’s chief detractor is the glamorous Amanda Fields, a former newscaster turned delegate whose flair for the dramatic has earned her a formidable reputation—and made her more than a few enemies. Amanda’s claws-out approach to politics might have some of her colleagues wishing she was dead, but the statehouse is rocked when one of the young pages who assists the delegates dies under mysterious circumstances.

Could his death be related to the political infighting? Or is something even more sinister threatening the lives of Virginia’s finest representatives? With help from her feline sidekicks, Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, as well as Tee Tucker the corgi and Irish Greyhound Pirate, Harry is determined to find the answers and restore order once more to the Capitol.


Unlike several of the previous books in the series, Ms. Brown abandoned weaving in a second, historic timeline into this one, which made me happy. While I love the series, I did not enjoy the dual timelines, and skipped the historic story with the past couple of books.

It’s always a joy to visit with the familiar characters, and the plot, as usual, kept me reading. Michael Gellatly’s charming illustrations add an additional element of delight to this book.

Feline Fatale is available from Amazon.


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