It’s hard to believe that my mom passed away 30 years ago. Even after all that time, Mother’s Day still is a bit bittersweet. Every year, I still feel sad  when Mother’s Day cards start showing up in stores, friends make plans to spend time with their moms, and restaurants offer Mother’s Day specials.

I was about a year old in this photo.

I still “talk” to her every day. I wish she was still here to share in my successes, and be here for me during the tough times. I wish she could have met all the cats I had after Feebee. I wish she was still here to impart her wisdom – something I didn’t appreciate nearly enough when I was younger. But more than anything, I wish I could get just one more hug from her.

Mom and Feebee
My mom with Feebee, spring of 1985

Whether you’re the mom of human or feline children, enjoy your day. And if your mom is no longer with you, I hope today is filled with wonderful memories of your time together.

Image background by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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  1. I really enjoy your column. My Mom passed away in November 2002. 22 yrs since I’ve spent a Mothers Day with my Mom. Hugs to you and your kitties.

  2. I lost my Mom 48 years ago. It was something that has taken me so many years to come to grips with. She was a wonderful woman, widowed at a young age with 3 little children under 3. But she worked very hard to care for us and give us love for both her and my father.

    Today, I am Mom to 2 boys, Grandma to 4, and great grandma to 3. Also I am Mom to 3 kitties. Life is good,

    Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! My mom has been gone 25 years. I miss her and my dad. I love my 19 year old kitty!!! She is my daughter.

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