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Wand and string toys are a great way to encourage your cat to play. They stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct, and they’re a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your cat. Unfortunately, not all wand toys are quality toys. Loose pieces, wires or clamps and strings that can be easily chewed and ingested all pose hazards to your cat’s health. That’s why I’m always excited when I come across well made, well designed string toys like the KittyWhip®.

About KittyWhip® toys

At first glance, these toys don’t look like much. A string on a stick – how exciting could this possibly be? Well, let me cut to the chase: of all the wand toys we have in our home (and we have a lot of them,) few others have held Allegra’s interest like these.


Both graceful and rustic, this elegant patented design is expertly handcrafted in the USA from 100% natural and sustainable materials. The toys come in four different models: sisal, hemp, leather and cotton.


We got the hemp version to try. The long hemp fibers and sturdy weave make this a very durable cat toy. It will age beautifully and soften even further with use. Hemp is a sustainable fiber, requiring 50% less water to grow than cotton, with little to no pesticides needed. So this hemp cat toy is not only fun, but also environmentally friendly.


Putting the KittyWhip® to the test

Allegra hasn’t met a wand toy she doesn’t like, but she’s particularly fond of ribbon like toys, so this was a big hit with her. I apologize for the awkward video, I’m not coordinated enough to play with one hand and film with the other!

It is important to know that these toys are not intended to be “whipped” around. The idea with this and all wand toys is to move them gently and recreate motions that a cat’s prey would make. Drag it along the floor, around corners, under furniture, up and down cat trees. The possibilities are endless!

For more information and to purchase, visit KittyWhip’s Etsy shop.

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5 Comments on Kitty Whip® Cat Toys: A Safe Alternative to String Toys

  1. This looks like a great toy and I will be getting it for my cats. I think all four of them will enjoy it!

  2. Lulu’s favorite toys are the wand toys. But my little girl doesn’t care about what’s on the string part, she is obsessed with the end of the wand. She always wants to bite it.

    • That’s too funny! Allegra does that with peackock feathers. She couldn’t care less about the feather part, but wants to bite the stem!

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