Feline Health

How to Choose a Cat-Friendly Vet


Next to you, your veterinarian may be the most important person in your cat’s life. She is your cat’s surgeon, radiologist, dentist, dermatologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist and pharmacist, all rolled into one. Choosing the right person to care for your precious feline can be overwhelming. Here are my recommendations on how to go about finding a vet you and your cat will be comfortable with.Continue Reading

Why You Should Leave Your Shoes at the Door to Protect Your Cat’s (and Your) Health


Do you remove your shoes when you enter your home? If you don’t, you may want to rethink that. I don’t have a lot of rules in my house, but if you’re coming to visit me, I’m going to ask you to take off your shoes. I don’t want to expose Allegra or myself to all the bacteria and toxins that live on the bottom of the average shoe, because quite frankly, the stuff you’ll find there is the stuff of nightmares.Continue Reading

Diagnostic Testing for Cats


During a routine veterinary exam, your vet will perform a thorough head to tail physical examination of your cat. Depending on your cat’s age, he may also recommend routine blood and urine testing. If you brought your cat to the vet because of a health issue, your vet may recommend additional diagnostic testing, such as x-rays and ultrasound to determine the nature of your cat’s illness.Continue Reading

Palliative Care for Cats


As veterinary medicine continues to advance, many feline illnesses that used to be a death sentence can now be treated. However, aggressive treatment is not the right choice for every cat and every cat parent, which is where palliative care, also known as hospice care, comes in.Continue Reading

My Cat-astrophic Year, Part Four: The Challenges of Caring For San Diego State University’s Community Cats


Written by Ingrid R. Niesman MS PhD

This is the fourth part in my series about important feline topics seen through my own experiences in 2022. You can read the previous posts here:

My Cat-astropic Year, Part One: The Challenges of Treating Feline Asthma

My Cat-astropic Year, Part Two: Losing a Cat to Aggressive Lymphoma Highlights the Need for Better Diagnostics and Treatment

My Cat-astropic Year: Rescuing and Rehoming a Siamese Cat

Today’s post addresses the challenges of caring for feral cats on a college campus as experienced by me at San Diego State University (SDSU.)Continue Reading