Ruby’s Reflections

Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Unplugged the Router


This time last year, Ruby’s health was already on a downward spiral, and I’m having a hard time with the memories flooding in. First anniversaries are always difficult, and there’s something about the changing light of fall and the approaching holidays that is intensifying my grief again. Thankfully, memories of some of the silly things my little girl did bring smiles through the tears.Continue Reading

Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Watched the Tree Trimmers


We’re coming up on about a year ago that Ruby first started to get sick and then rapidly declined. It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone almost ten months. There are days when I feel the grief as acutely as if she had only left yesterday. Memories are both comforting and painful, as you would expect when you’re grieving. I’m grateful that I not only captured so many on photos and videos, but also in her “Ruby’s Reflection” column. Today’s memory goes back to the summer of 2012.Continue Reading

Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby and Allegra Had a Bug Hunting Adventure


As I’m mourning my beautiful little girl, the memories keep flooding in. Some make me cry, some make me smile, and every single one is precious. I’ll periodically share some of these memories so you can take a trip down memory lane with me.

The photo above goes back to October of 2014. I was watching TV when all of a sudden, I noticed both girls on one of the end tables. They were utterly fascinated by a bug under the lampshade. I was thoroughly entertained watching them try to catch the bug – I don’t know who had more fun: the girls or me! The level of teamwork they displayed was remarkable; I swear I could hear them strategize on how to best approach this hunt.Continue Reading