Ruby’s Reflections

Ruby’s Reflections: Cable Box Installation


Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! I want to tell you about something really cool that happened the other day: I helped Mom install a new cable box! In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a really hard cat bed. I usually prefer sleeping in soft cat beds, and we certainly have plenty of them around the house. But this cat bed is so nice and warm, I like to sleep on it even though it’s kind of extra firm.Continue Reading

Ruby and the Sun Puddle


Like most cats, Allegra and Ruby love their sun puddles. My two little sun worshippers know exactly where in our house the first sun puddle of the day appears, and they tend to follow the sun throughout the day.

Favorite sun puddles change a bit with the seasons as the angle of the sun changes. One of Ruby’s favorites right now is the love seat in our living room.Continue Reading

Allegra, Ruby and the Jackson Galaxy Donut Bed Switch


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We all know cats are creatures of habit. They tend to follow the same routine day after day, and they don’t much appreciate a disruption of that routine. If you’ve followed me for a while, you also know how much Allegra and Ruby love their Jackson Galaxy Donut Beds – in fact, they love them so much that I had to get a second one to keep the peace!Continue Reading

Cat Sitting Helpers


I enjoy traveling. I love visiting friends, traveling for work, or going somewhere I’ve never been before. In fact, I find that an occasional change of scenery is vital for my mental health. The only hard part about traveling is, of course, having to leave Allegra and Ruby for a few days. A dear friend takes care of the girls while I’m gone, and they couldn’t be in better hands, so that helps a lot. She texts me updates and photos after each visit, and the girls are always super relaxed when I get home.Continue Reading