Sunday Purrs

Sunday Quotes: Depth of Love


I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy from the very start and haven’t missed an episode. I’m still watching 17 seasons later. And while the show has had moments that have remained with me over the years, I never thought I’d actually use a line from the show for this column. Until the episode a few weeks ago, which featured the above quote.Continue Reading

Sunday Cat Love and Above: You Already Know How to Love


Guest post by Siena Lee-Tajiri

Clients often ask me, “why is self love so hard?” and my response is always something like, “I know, right?!” Loving ourselves is a big part of our spiritual journey and as a journey, we’ll never get there and be done with it. But we can absolutely get better at it in leaps and bounds!…I promise you. For right now, just take in the fact that you already know how to love. Really take it in, say it out loud, let all the cells in your body hear it: “I already know how to love.” Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs: Habits


When it comes to habits, cats are probably the original creatures of routine and most don’t take kindly to having that routine disrupted. I love some of the habits I’ve created as a result of Allegra’s routine, especially first thing in the morning: waking up to her eager little face as she waits for me to get her breakfast ready, then sitting with my first cup of coffee and Allegra in my lap as I fully wake up.Continue Reading

Love and Above Cat Club: Self Care for Cat Lovers


“Love yourself like you love your cat.”

I have something a little different for you this Sunday. I’d like to introduce you to a new website, Love and Above Cat Club, created by my dear friend Siena Lee-Tajiri. Siena has an impressive background. She holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health, certification in many holistic therapies, and she has been working with Jackson Galaxy since 2009. In fact, she was Jackson’s first employee! She is a musician, and, of course, a huge cat lover.Continue Reading