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Allegra, Ruby and the Secret Birthday Post


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra and Ruby! Mom had one of her super smart posts about some super important topic scheduled for today, but we snuck out of the bedroom once she was fast asleep last night, and rescheduled it for next week. At first we were going to delete it, but then we realized that maybe Mom would get mad at us if we did that….

Allegra: Ruby, you know better than that. Mom never gets mad at us.

Ruby: She does at me! Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day 2015


Happy Mother’s Day to All the Moms of Human and Furry Children!

Mother’s Day is a bit of a bittersweet holiday for me. My mother passed away in 1994, but even after all these years, I still feel a pang when I see Mother’s Day cards appear in stores.

I owe many things to my mom, but the two most important ones are my love of cats, and my love of books.Continue Reading


Allegra, Ruby and the Dental Treat


Dental health is vitally important to cats. Brushing is the most effective way to prevent dental disease – and before you say you couldn’t possibly brush your cat’s teeth, let me tell you that I never thought I’d be able to get Allegra and Ruby used to having their teeth brushed, but with patience and persistence, it has become part of our nightly routine to the point where the girls will actually “remind” me on the occasional night when I get sidetracked (they start pacing in the kitchen in front of the counter where I keep their brushes and toothpaste.)

After their nightly brushing, the girls each get a C.E.T. Dental Chew Treat.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs: Cats Create Human Connections


We all long for genuine connection with other human beings. Connecting with others not only makes life richer, it appears that we are actually wired to form relationships with others. In Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, psychologist Matthew Lieberman explores groundbreaking research in social neuroscience, revealing that our need to connect with other people is even more fundamental than our need for food or shelter.Continue Reading


Sunday Purrs: Accepting What Is


Happiness can only exist in acceptance. – George Orwell

Every single moment in life offers us a choice: we can either be in the moment and accept what is happening, or we can resist it. This is a lesson that life tends to present to us over and over. Whether it’s weather throwing a wrench into our plans, or a friend or co-worker not cooperating with our wishes, gracefully accepting what is can be challenging. Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs: Embrace JOMO


I recently came across an article on 12 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People, and I found it fascinating that many were not what I expected after reading the headline. Yes, there was the predictable advice of “get up early,” “get ready for the rest of the week,” and “keep up the momentum,” but a surprising number advocated making time for meditation, unplugging, and making time for fun. But what struck me as most useful was Randi Zuckerberg’s advice. Randi is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media (and, yes, she is the sister of Facebook’s creator), so her advice to “forget FOMO and embrace JOMO” was rather unexpected.Continue Reading

Allegra’s World: 5th Adoption Anniversary


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Guess what! Today is my 5th adoption anniversary! Can you believe it? Five years ago today, Mom brought me home to live with her and Amber. Sadly, I never got to know Amber really well, because she passed away six weeks after I arrived. After Amber’s passing, it was just Mom and me for almost a year before Ruby joined our family. The jury is still out whether that was a good idea…Continue Reading

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Sunday Purrs: Tea for the Soul


I love coffee and couldn’t imagine facing the day without that first cup. I also wouldn’t want to give up my daily afternoon latte, but with the exception of those two daily cups, I really am a tea drinker at heart. There’s just something soothing and therapeutic about a good cup of tea.Continue Reading